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12 Tech Fanboys: How to Spot Them in the Wild

Maybe you know Apple fanboys, but can you tell an Oracle high flyer from a disciple? An IBMer from an SAP enthusiast? Mix them up in a work or social setting and you could be conversation roadkill.

Do Smartphones Promote Work-Life Imbalance for iWorkers?

Research report shows that tech-savvy information workers want to be connected to (yet untethered from) the office even more--often at the expense of their personal lives.

Nine Tech Tasks to Avoid This Holiday Vacation

In honor of the close of 2009, here are nine technology-related tasks that I plan to avoid at all costs during this holiday break-and you should, too.


The Tech Industry's 10 (Not So) Dirty Words

These terms seem salacious, but there's no need to wash out anyone's mouth with soap. Some very clean 'geek speak' phrases only sound naughty.

Working at Home: A Wi-Fi, H1N1 Survival Guide

The ultimate guide to surviving the 2009 holiday season: How to visit family and reconnect with old friends and still get done all that work while out of the office.

13 Weird, Wacky, and Wild Workspaces

Every office has its colorful cube-dwellers, but these cubicles may make your office mates seem tame.

Inside Job: 8 Companies That Got Burned by Rogue IT Workers

Many call them rogue IT staffers, others might consider them IT heroes, and some are still innocent until proven guilty. But whatever the name or intention, these tech-savvy employees wreaked havoc at their organizations — and paid a price.

Tips for Those Usually Useless Function Keys

Real-World Functionality for Worthless Function Keys

The Problem With Used PCs

The market for secondary -- or used -- PCs is increasing. But so is the potential hazard that these products pose to the environment.

The Worst Cities for Tech Workers

Tech workers have their choice of many great U.S. cities for work and play (Atlanta, Chicago, Seattle), but what are the cities that you probably should avoid? Here's a very unscientific, highly subjective and unapologetically snarky list of our least favorite U.S. tech job locales.

Ever Spent 38 Minutes Looking for a Document?

It seems ludicrous that any type of information-based search would take even 38 seconds to complete.

A Brief History of Geeks

Before smartphones, social networks, and other must-have tech, it wasn't a badge of honor to be called a geek. Here's a look back at the evolution of the nerds.

How 10 Iconic Tech Products Got Their Names

From iPod and BlackBerry to Twitter and Wikipedia, we take a look at the processes and the people that came up with the names for these famous tech products.

Twitter Has a Great Week

Analysis: What an interesting week to join the microblogging trend, in the company of Oprah and competitors for the million-tweet-army.

10 Things to Hate About Tech

Gripe, gripe, gripe -- but some aspects of this industry are really getting old. Here's one list.