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What Your Webmail Choice Reveals About You

Are you a pioneer, stuck in a rut, cutting-edge, or confused? Here are insights into the meaning of the personal e-mail provider you select.

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What do I miss about working in the office? Let's start with the way to any man's heart: his stomach.

New CIO Hopes to Perk Up Starbucks

Ambitious, digitally inclined and young, Starbucks' Stephen Gillett is a new breed of CIO who hopes to turn around the coffee giant.

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How to make presentations so bad that they might make others laugh.

Wii Is the Superhero of Holiday Sales

Nintendo Wii repeats gaming history, defeating supply chain critics.

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Holiday Travel Tips: Protect Your Laptop and Privacy

Here's how to safely travel with your tech gear and not become another statistic of lost laptops or data.

Financing IT: Repo Man in the Data Center

What if a company defaults on a loan for a multimillion-dollar SAP ERP software purchase? Or can't repay IBM Global Financing for the hardware, software and services?

How'd Those Tech Products Get Their Names?

Red Hat, Twitter, Blackberry, iPod -- Here's these and other well-known products got their striking and memorable monikers.


Nintendo Wii Shortage Turning Into a Glut for the Holidays?

In past holiday shopping seasons, Nintendo has received as much attention for the brilliance of its Wii gaming system as for the dearth of consoles on retailers' shelves.

Meet Tech's Product Name Guru

How do they come up with technology product names like "BlackBerry" and Windows "Azure"? In this Q&A, David Placek, the guru whose company came up with those two and many more, takes us inside the product name game.

Five Ways to Get Free Wi-Fi, Even in Bad Times

Here are five ways to hitch a free ride on the Internet connectivity train.

Remote Workers Care About IT Security -- Really

A new survey finds that mobile users actually do make sure to use secure Internet and Wi-Fi connections, they love IT for helping keep them on the go, and they'd rather live without their car than Internet connectivity.

RFID ROI: Think Servers and Laptops

Wal-Mart's super-streamlined retail supply chain fantasy is still just that, but there's good news on the RFID front. Tag technology has improved, and a number of companies now successfully use RFID to track high-value IT assets in house or on campus -- exactly where RFID makes the most sense.