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Avoid a Layoff: Take Control of Your IT Career

Between high unemployment rates and layoffs, tech workers are feeling anxious and powerless. Two IT staffing experts offer some empowering advice for all IT workers.


Data Security Gives IT Professionals Insomnia

Worry of data protection from theft or loss weighs heavily on IT executives' minds, a new study reveals.

Catching up With Shai Agassi

In this Q&A, Shai Agassi speaks about his reason for leaving SAP and his vision for the electric car.


Too Many Passwords or Not Enough Brain Power?

We all know we shouldn't write down passwords on Sticky Notes, but we do because our brain can't possibly recall them all. Or can it? One researcher says we can memorize much more if we change the way we recall and store this information.

Amid ERP Skills Shortage, Customers Look to SaaS

Huge demand for third-party ERP implementation services has pushed "availability of resources" to the top of customers' vendor scorecard and nudged customers to look at SaaS models. And look out: Here comes Microsoft.

Eight Reasons CIOs Think Developers Are Clueless

Sure, CIOs can be clueless. But so can the programming staff. It's time for the other side of the story: CIOs and IT managers explain just how out-of-it their application development staff can be.

20 Crazy Things People Do to Get Wi-Fi

In their quest to get Wi-Fi Internet connectivity, people have done some pretty desperate things. Here's a countdown, with comments.

Wii Shortage: Shrewd Marketing or Flawed Supply?

Nearly two years after the hot videogame console's debut, U.S. consumers can still find only a wee number of Wiis for purchase. Nintendo has been tight-lipped as to why the chronic shortage continues. But some industry analysts and supply chain experts say it's no accident.

20 Crazy Things People Do to Get Wi-Fi Connections

Results from a new survey show the unsafe, illegal and downright bizarre things people do for Wi-Fi access.

Free Wi-Fi: How Can it Pay off for Businesses?

Wi-Fi wants to be free, but businesses ponder how to best provide this increasingly expected retail service.

Networking, Supply Chain Issues Dull Apple's Shine

Apple's self-inflicted wounds during the iPhone 3G, App Store and MobileMe rollouts and iPhone software upgrade could have been prevented. And while CEO Steve Jobs has owned up to the mistakes, will they have a lasting effect on Apple?

Is Free Wi-Fi Good Businesss?

Retailers try a variety of approaches to free or cheap hotspot service to figure out which method pays off.

Angelina Jolie Tops List of 'Celebrity Spammers'

Angelina Jolie wants you. Well, not really, but spammers want you to think so. Today's hot spam trend is using celebrity names to get people to open up e-mails and unleash a virus or Trojan attack. Which starlets appear most? We've got the top 10.

Inside the CIA's Extreme Technology Makeover, Part 1

Al Tarasiuk, the CIA's CIO, is on a mission to modernize the agency's IT practices and connections to the intelligence community. It's just like any other IT-business alignment project, except that he has to get disparate departments to share data while supporting the White House's war on terror.

Save Money With PC Power Management

PC power management software helped Washington Mutual cut electricity use for a projected $3 million in savings. Part 4 of 5