Thomas WailgumCIO

SAP to Shutter TomorrowNow

SAP will close TomorrowNow, its money-losing third-party maintenance provider of Oracle applications that is the subject of a nasty court battle, on Oct. 31, 2008. What are the implications for third-party maintenance?

SAP User Group Launches Database to Help Companies

An interview with Steve Strout, the CEO of the American SAP Users' Group.

How Apple's Supply Chain Fared During the 3G Rollout

Everyone has got an opinion on the new iPhone's functionalities, but how did Apple's physical and digital supply chain perform on Friday? The physical side held up well, but the digital side did not.

Falling Dollar Leads to Oracle Enterprise Software Price Increases

Oracle recently announced a 15 percent hike in prices for some enterprise applications, and Forrester Research predicts there's more price increases from other U.S. vendors on the way.

The Future State of the CRM Market

Tough economic times for North American enterprises will create uncertain, challenging environments for corporate CRM systems, according to an AMR Research report. Here's what you need to know about the CRM market and the vendors who will be left standing in 2012.