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Tim Greene covers security and keeps an eye on Microsoft for Network World.

IBM X-Force: Mobile Devices are Fast-Growing Target of Malware

IBM's X-Force security research team says mobile application markets are a haven for malware, and expects double the mobile exploits this year.

Internet as Vital as Food, Water, Air, Shelter to Some

A third of people with Internet access declared their online resources as important as their physical ones, according to an international poll by Cisco.

Need Switches? Buy Now, Report Says

If you're in the market for Ethernet switches, now's the time to buy.

Data-Breach Insurance Caters to Small Businesses

Hartford Insurance is selling new insurance targeted specifically at small businesses.

Personal Data of One Third of Massachusetts Residents Has Been Compromised

Attorney general says it's likely to get worse.

Website Offers IT Pros Peer Advice -- No Vendors Allowed

Wisegate mixes ideas from Yelp with Match.com for gated IT help site.

Beware the Assembling Bot Army

A trio of malicious e-mail messages have infected a mammoth army of computers, but the stricken troops are still awaiting orders.

Iridium Creates Link From iPhones to Satellites

New devices allow smartphone data communications from anywhere on Earth.

Survey: IT Pros Split on Allowing End Users to Download, Install Software

In their efforts to keep malware off their networks, some IT and security pros restrict end users' rights to install apps on company machines.