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Black Hat: System Links Your Face to Your Social Security Number and Other Private Things

Soon it will be practicable to take someone's photo on a smartphone and within minutes know their Social Security number and a range of other private data.

How to Survive Black Hat and Defcon Without Getting Hacked -- Maybe

Some of the security experts gathering for conferences next week will test their break-in skills on their attendees.


Black Hat Pwnie Award Winner Will Be a Criminal

Law enforcement may be interested to see if anyone actually shows up to this year to accept the annual Pwnie Award for Epic Ownage at Black Hat, since all the nominees face possible criminal charges.

Avaya Offers Help Addressing Social-media Blowback

Avaya is betting businesses want to respond as quickly as possible to attacks and criticisms launched from Twitter, Facebook and blogs.

Hackers Near Graduation, Ready Attacks

The new Anonymous hacking school expects to release its first grads within a month, so watch for an effect on cybercrime.

Want an All-purpose Tablet? Avoid Cisco and Avaya

With Cisco finally saying it will charge $750 for its Cius tablet, there's a lot of comparisons being made between it and the iPad.

Do Anonymous, LulzSec Restore Hacking Traditions?

Bragging rights, not profits again motivate "hactivist groups," exec suggests.

LulzSec Downplays Arrest of Hacking Suspect

The hacker group says the British teen arrested in connection with its attack on a police agency's website was not an active member of the group.

iPads Get Love from Top Web Sites

The top 500 Web sites are catering more to the iPad than they are to Android tablets, according to tests by Blaze Software.

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Pentagon Clones Internet to Practice Cyberwar

The National Cyber Range will reportedly help military planners try out attack and defense scenarios.

Warning: Urgent Microsoft Update May Be Firefox Malware

A phony anti-virus scam is presenting itself as a near-perfect Microsoft update popup with one notable exception - it appears only on machines using Firefox.

How to Deal With 3 Big Corporate Security Concerns

Virtualization, mobility and social networking were flagged as posing most security risk to businesses, partly because there is no accepted set of best practices yet to protect them, IT Roadmap attendees were told.

US Readies Cyberwar Strategy

Should cyber-strike provoke a physical response used in traditional warfare?

Top Security Nightmares: Private iPhones, iPads, and Other Mobile Devices

IPhones, iPads and other employee-owned mobile gear are the most risky devices that can be connected to corporate networks, according to a new survey by ISACA.

Private Clouds Hold a Wide Lead Over Public Clouds Among IT Pros Polled

Public clouds have a way to go if they want to be the top choice of businesses looking to put resources in a shared, centralized computing environment.