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Tim Greene covers security and keeps an eye on Microsoft for Network World.

Lessons from Sony's PlayStation Network Downtime

The hacker attacks against the Sony network should prompt reexamination of security measures and response plans.

Apple iPad Corporate Security Gets Boost From GroupLogic

Businesses can now grant iPads safe remote access to files using new software designed to meet enterprise management and security concerns.

Sony's PlayStation Network: A Month of Downtime

Sony's Playstation Network is entering its second month of being mostly unavailable, and the popular gaming site is still beset by troubles.

Five Things to Do Before Buying More Security Technology

Throwing more technology at security threats as they crop up is not the best way to go if the goal is to protect the most valuable data.

Facebook, Twitter Need Corporate Security Policies

Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter open threats to sensitive corporate data that businesses need to deal with aggressively.

Interop: Cloud Services Take a Beating in Debate Over Security

Cloud services are not secure enough for businesses to use.

Businesses Need to Look at Security as a Military Operation

Businesses need to look at security as a military exercise and can benefit from strategies that have proved useful in battle, says a former military security expert.

Sony Partially Blames Hacker Group for the PlayStation Network Attack

The worldwide hacker group Anonymous may have played a role--even unwittingly--in the theft of personal data from the Sony PlayStation Network.

Anonymous: 'For Once We Didn't Do It'

Anonymous says it has nothing to do with the network trouble crippling Sony's PlayStation site, despite having declared a cyber jihad against the company.

Researchers Make Weak Passwords Strong With CAPTCHAs

Researchers have found a way to get around the persistent problem of remembering strong passwords -- break them in two.

Phishers Target the Popular

The biggest users are the biggest targets of online scammers, security research reports.

Sony's 'in for a Hell of a Wake-up Call,' Anonymous Says

Anonymous is looking for personal details.

Phish Phry Defendants Found Guilty

An online bank-theft gang caught after an international investigation face more than 30 years in prison.

Thieves Are Stealing Children's Identities

Identity theft has saddled thousands of children with debt, sometimes for years before they ever discover their personal information has been stolen, a study says.

Microsoft Scheme Sniffs out Unused Wireless Spectrum

Microsoft researchers have designed a scheme for measuring whether licensed radio frequencies are actually being used so unlicensed devices can use it.