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Iran Might Be Stealing Passwords From Citizens to Tighten Censorship, Expert Says

Iran's apparent theft of valid SSL certificates may be an attempt to trap Iranians who use the Internet to duck the government's restrictions, a security expert says.

Four Steps to Take If Your Business Depends on RSA SecurID Tokens

Large businesses should reassess the risks posed by compromised RSA SecurID technology.

Anonymous: Why Does the Air Force Want to Create Phony Online Identities?

The international collective known as Anonymous is trying to figure out just what the U.S. Air Force wants with software that can create and manage phony personas.

Trucking Firm Brings on Unified Communications to Save Money, Boost Productivity

Interstate trucking company Boyd Bros. Transportation was losing experienced freight agents because it couldn't support home workers, but replacing the firm's 20-year-old phone system brought unified communications features that let it hang on to these veteran employees and save money at the same time.

New Hacker Trick Ducks Anti-Phishing Measures in Firefox, Chrome

A new phishing scam that targets bank and PayPal passwords and other consumer data that criminals use to loot private accounts is designed to beat security built in to Firefox and Chrome Web browsers.

New Protocols Show up to 76% Speed Jolt for iPhones, iPads

Wireless networks can serve mobile devices up to 76% faster through the novel use of accelerometers, GPS locators, gyroscopes and compasses.

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Denial of Service Attacks: A Hall of Shame

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks have been around for decades, but motivation and effect are getting more drastic.

Wordpress Continues to Fend Off Attacks

For the second day in a row, blog-hosting giant WordPress.com suffered a distributed denial-of-service attack that it was able to cut off quickly.

Extreme Roadmap Plots Broader View of Mobility

Extreme Networks' new product roadmap has a catchy name -- Make Your Network Mobile -- but it might be a little misleading since the plan has little to do with iPhones, tablets or moving around between cellular and Wi-Fi networks.

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Waiting for Terabit Ethernet? Don't Hold Your Breath.

Despite the fact that Facebook famously said that it needs Terabit Ethernet, the wait for the technology could last years, experts say.

7 Ways to Avoid Getting Hacked by Anonymous

The hactivist group Anonymous used a series of simple technical and social exploits to crack the network of security-technology firm HBGary Federal, giving the company a schooling that other network security pros can learn from.

Security Researcher Feels the Wrath of Anonymous

Wikileaks defenders Anonymous are firing both barrels at a security researcher who promised to name people in the group. Aaron Barr vowed he’d expose organizers...

Hacker Heists Virtual Poker Winnings from Facebook Game

A British hacker admits he stole 400 billion virtual poker chips worth somewhere between $285,000 and $12 million in real dollars.

Verizon Cracks Down on Bandwidth Hogs

Wireless data users will go on a diet, but Verizon notes it's purely a coincidence that the iPhone is joining its network next week.

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Super Technologies That Will Change the Face of Football

As Super Bowl Sunday approaches, we take a look at science and technology that could redefine football as we know it.

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