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Tim Greene covers security and keeps an eye on Microsoft for Network World.

Siemens Bolsters Unified Communication Suite

Siemens upgrading its OpenScape Unified Communications suite to include a stand-alone collaboration platform that doesn't require other Siemen's products in...

How Dead Is the PBX Really?

The role of the PBX is changing in importance, but it's still too early to issue a death certificate, according to Infonetics.

Microsoft on Lync Launch: The PBX Era Is Over

Microsoft says its renamed unified communications and collaboration platform Lync is ready to replace corporate PBXs.

Microsoft Lync: What You Need to Know

Microsoft this week will launch Lync, the latest version of its unified communications and collaboration platform.

The Google Android Quiz

Google Android is making headway against Apple iPhones and RIM BlackBerrys, but how well do you know the open-source mobile operating system?

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Cisco Fleshes out Its Business Video Plan

Cisco is releasing new gear that it says makes it practicable to deploy pervasive, flexible video across business networks regardless of the vendors' gear they...

Despite Busts, Zeus Trojan Still Threatens

Law enforcement across the globe nabbed cybercrooks, but arrests can't completely shut down the password-stealing botnet.

How to Hack IP Voice and Video in Real-time

Corporate video conferences can still be easily hacked by insiders using a freeware tool that allows attackers to monitor calls in real-time and record them.

Seven Ways Social Networks Are 'Truly Evil'

Social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn are a major resource for hackers trying to capture valuable corporate data or run amok inside business networks.

New Avaya Device Takes on Cisco and Apple in Tablet War

Avaya is introducing a powerful Android-based touchscreen tablet that supports new communications software in a package to rival Cisco's Cius.

VoIP and Compliance Regulations Make Strange Bedfellows

As attacks against VoIP persist businesses not only have to defend themselves, they have to do it under the gun of regulators.

'Here You Have' Threat May Revive

The initial malware is yanked, but the come-on continues -- possibly with a new, nasty variant.

Report: Sun, Microsoft and Mozilla Leave the Most Vulnerabilities Unpatched

Sun is the king of unpatched software vulnerabilities followed closely by Microsoft and Mozilla, according to the mid-year security report by IBM's X-Force.

Skype Worries About IPhone, Attracting Business Customers

Skype worries about whether the iPhone and other Apple products will undermine its VoIP services.

Riverbed Readies Cloud, Mobility and Virtualization Rollout

Riverbed has products on tap that will enable WAN optimization as a cloud service and speed up the boot time for remote virtual desktops.