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'Unhackable' Android Can Be Hacked

Once thought to be unhackable, the Android phone is anything but, according to researchers presenting at Black Hat 2010.

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Web-acceleration Device Can Help Your Google Standing

Strangeloop is coming out with a Web-acceleration appliance it says can boost online sales and give Web sites higher ranking among search engines.

Apple iPad Targeted by Avaya Device

Avaya is prepping a business device like an Apple iPad for business.

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Skype vs. Google Talk

Skype and Google Talk overlap in offering VoIP, video and instant messaging over the Internet, but the wild card that will determine whether one rival triumphs over the other is what Google might do.

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Ultimate Twitter Quiz

Microblogging site Twitter has gained notoriety for a lot more than its 140-character messaging. How well do you know your tweets?

Skype Has No Reason to Fear Google — For Now

Google is gathering elements of VoIP, video services, but lacks the complete offerings of Skype.

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Businesses Still Sticking With IE6

Microsoft's Internet Explorer continues to dominate corporate browser use more so than it does private use.

Worst Phishing Pest May be Revving Up

The Avalanche phishing menace may be preparing a more dangerous version of itself, security experts say.

Forensic Tool Will Advance Data Recovery

New computer forensic tools will make it possible to recover more data from corrupted hard drives so long as the missing filles haven't been overwritten.

LoveBug Worm Hit 10 Years Ago During a Simpler Time

When the LoveBug worm hit 10 years ago, it was a different time when people believed admirers were really reaching out to say "I love you", personal firewalls...

Safety Tips for Twitter, Facebook, and Other 'Anti-Social Networks'

Hackers often pay closer attention to business policies regarding social networks than the businesses do, a security consultant notes.

FBI Struggles to Pull Criminal Data from Digital Devices

Pulling criminal data off cell phones and game consoles is a challenge, law enforcement admits.

McAfee Keeps Paying for Update Error

A Twitter storm rages on as Windows XP users recover from defective McAfee security update.

Teleflirtation: Tech Helps With Hookups

Cisco's Telepresence technology is revealed to offer a closer look in virtual encounters.

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Secret Origins of Top Tech Firms

Dorm room, basement, garage, university lab? Where did it all begin for Google, Cisco, Microsoft, and others?