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Chinese Hack Attacks Said Likely to Recur

Internet attacks from China like those against Google and other U.S. firms are expected to double this year.

Discovery Could Lead to Super Crypto Chips

Crystals could expand the capacity of electronic storage devices by 1000 to 1 million times.

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Botnets' Long Half-Life Extends Malware's Threat

Mutations of the Kneber botnet could unite long after their release to wreck havoc, researcher says.

Kneber Botnet: What You Need to Know Right Now

The Kneber botnet has infected at least 75,000 computers at 2,500 companies and government agencies worldwide. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the botnet.

New Facebook Tool Invites Abuse

A Facebook feature that allows posting via e-mail reply could be exploited for cyber-bullying, security firm warns.

Tech Giants' First Products -- A Quiz

What were the first products from today's biggest tech companies? Cisco, Microsoft, Apple, IBM: They all started somewhere.

Is It Y2K All Over Again in 2010?

A decade after the Y2K crisis, date changes still pose technology problems, making some security software upgrades difficult and locking millions of bank ATM users out of their accounts.

Cyber Czar Choice: Smartphones, Social Networks Are Worries

In choosing Howard Schmidt as cyber czar President Obama has gotten someone who has held a similar job in a previous administration and has varied experience.

Fake Microsoft Endorsement Fuels Scareware

A phony antivirus software package actually contains malware, in a new scam.

Comcast Aims to Help Bandwidth Hogs Impose Self Control

Comcast is trialing a service that tips off heavy users when they are about to run afoul of the company's acceptable use policy.

Logitech's LifeSize Deal Is a Head-Scratcher

Although computer peripherals and telepresence are an unlikely pairing, the acquisition puts Logitech in competition with Cisco, HP, Polycom and others.

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Cybersecurity Quiz: Know Your Threats

Separate cybersecurity fact from fiction in this survey of the threats posed by cyberattacks.

Net Neutrality FAQ: What's in it for You

Here's the status and some straight answers on the proposed rule change regarding ISPs' responsibilities and access.

Trust the Cloud? Americans Say No Way

Identity theft concerns are keeping Americans from storing confidential data in the clouds, a study shows.

Phishing Gang Dominates Online Devilment

A single hacking group accounts for a quarter of all phishing attacks in the first half of 2009, a security study finds.