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Chinese Hack Attacks Said Likely to Recur

Internet attacks from China like those against Google and other U.S. firms are expected to double this year.

Discovery Could Lead to Super Crypto Chips

Crystals could expand the capacity of electronic storage devices by 1000 to 1 million times.

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Botnets' Long Half-Life Extends Malware's Threat

Mutations of the Kneber botnet could unite long after their release to wreck havoc, researcher says.

Kneber Botnet: What You Need to Know Right Now

The Kneber botnet has infected at least 75,000 computers at 2,500 companies and government agencies worldwide. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the botnet.

New Facebook Tool Invites Abuse

A Facebook feature that allows posting via e-mail reply could be exploited for cyber-bullying, security firm warns.