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Net Neutrality: Two Huge Positives for Business

Net neutrality could lead to inexpensive, high-quality broadband services for businesses.

Gaping Security Hole Turns Cable Modems Into Hacker Prey

A blogger helping to tune a friend's wi-fi network uncovered a gaping security hole in Wi-Fi cable modem routers installed in 64,000 Time Warner subscribers' homes.

Internet Scammers Leap on Patrick Swayze's Death

Malware ghouls took just a few hours to begin preying on the death of actor Patrick Swayze with a new version of a familiar phony anti-virus scam.

Keep Big Brother off Your Cell Phone

Data that enables network providers to route calls also enables them to gather data that tracks their customers' whereabouts; what's the compromise?

Is This the Future of the Cell Phone?

Academics are pushing the boundaries of cell phone technology beyond calling, messaging and Internet access.

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Web Surfers Forced to Choose Security or Anonymity

Practicing "safe surfing" can derail attempts to cruise the Internet anonymously.

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Black Hat?

Brush up on some of the big security show's most memorable moments.

Low-tech Internet Scams Net Big Money

Domino's Pizza lost about $77,000 in free pizza due to a weak password on an online promotion that wasn't supposed to go live -- a type of security problem that...

10 Top Spy Gadgets

As the Erin Andrews peephole tape video showed, it's all too easy to invade someone's privacy, and here are 10 snoopy gadgets that spies use to capture voice and data.

Made by the USA: Thank a G-Man for Today's Tech

How government R&D results in commercial computer technology.

Web Applications Security Scanner Introduced

Qualys Announces Web Apps Scanning

Antivirus Vendor Turns to Hardware Protection

The Norman Network Protector security appliance debuts at RSA.

NEC Unveils Firewall

Network equipment vendor NEC is getting into security software with an announcement at the RSA Conference.

RSA Conference Gets off to a Low Key Start

IT security pros meet against an omnipresent backdrop of recession and uncertainty.

Avaya Intros Touchscreen VoIP Phone

Avaya is adding a VoIP desk phone it describes as a blend of a phone and computer that comes with a color touchscreen.