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Microsoft Crowned Top U.S. Spammer -- Again

The research may be skewed by the MSN factor, but outbound spam still indicates a security problem, with systems compromised by botnets and or users who were hooked by phishing.

Windows 8 is Stalling PC Sales, IDC Says

Anticipation of Windows 8 devices coming out this fall has predictably led to sluggish sales of PCs in the past quarter as customers wait to decide whether they want in on the new operating system, according to an IDC report.

Microsoft's Tuesday Patch Douses Flame Malware

This month's regular update also provides critical fixes to Internet Explorer and several versions of Windows.

Windows 8 Migration: Why, When and How

Microsoft says Windows 7 applications will run on Windows 8, it's wise to check with application vendors about compatibility and support plans.

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Tablet Flops, Flubs and Fluffs

iPad notwithstanding, selling tablets is tough.

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Windows 8 Update: Windows Phone 8 Apps Won't Run As-is

Apps for the new platform will be adaptable to Windows 8, but they will need to be rewritten.

Microsoft Vows to Plug IE Hole Found in Hacking Contest

Next week's Patch Tuesday will feature a fix for a vulnerability in Internet Explorer that came to light at the celebrated Pwn2Own hacking competition.

Flame's Secret Could've Fetched $1 Million on Black Market

Microsoft's share alone for the malware was a hefty price while it was still in stealth operations, a security expert says.

Windows 8 Update: IPv6, New Hardware, and Privacy

Here's a look at some of what's coming with Windows 8 including IPv6 support, lots of hardware from Computex, and an upgrade program from Staples.

Windows 8 Test Drive: Hardware Is a Challenge

Hardware will remain a key to satisfaction in Windows 8.

Microsoft Updates Certificates after Flame Exploit

Existing security certificates are being recalled after the technology was exploited by the Flame malware.

Windows 8 Update: Windows 8 Wows AT&T Mobility

The chief of AT&T Mobility can't wait for Windows 8 tablets to hit the market because they'll fuel demand for Windows phones.

Windows RT Management Could Be a Key to Success for Windows 8 Tablets

IT management executives biggest worry: Managing a BYOD environment.

Microsoft Tunes up Windows 8 Multi-screen

Better task-bar control and window mobility will be coming to the Windows 8 Release Preview next month.

Microsoft Cloud Survey: Security, Cost Both a Deterrent and an Attraction

Small and midsize businesses that actually use cloud services see them as a way to boost security and save money, according to a survey sponsored by Microsoft.