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Tim Greene covers security and keeps an eye on Microsoft for Network World.

Windows 8 Update: Windows 8 Wows AT&T Mobility

The chief of AT&T Mobility can't wait for Windows 8 tablets to hit the market because they'll fuel demand for Windows phones.

Windows RT Management Could Be a Key to Success for Windows 8 Tablets

IT management executives biggest worry: Managing a BYOD environment.

Microsoft Tunes up Windows 8 Multi-screen

Better task-bar control and window mobility will be coming to the Windows 8 Release Preview next month.

Microsoft Cloud Survey: Security, Cost Both a Deterrent and an Attraction

Small and midsize businesses that actually use cloud services see them as a way to boost security and save money, according to a survey sponsored by Microsoft.

Microsoft Windows

Windows 8 Roundup: Browser Makers Gripe; HP, Lenovo Sign On

Microsoft is taking heat from browser rivals about banishing them from some Windows 8 tablets, while other vendors announce platforms for Windows 8.

MIT Business School Grapples With Virtualization

MIT's Sloan School of Management has embraced virtualized desktops as a way to meet user needs and streamline operations, but the IT staff accepts that finding just the right mix of hardware and software is an ongoing challenge.

Remember Windows Live? Forget It

Microsoft's web-based email and messaging services to be tightly integrated with Windows 8.

Symantec: Small-company Security Problems Can Threaten Large Corporate Nets

Symantec says stepping-stone attacks exploit business-partner relationships.

Microsoft: Two Basic Security Steps Might Have Stopped Conficker

If businesses and consumers stuck to security basics, they could have avoided all cases of Conficker worm infection detected on 1.7 million systems by Microsoft researchers in the last half of 2011.

Nuke the Box: Push Underway to Clean up 300,000 PCs With DNS Virus

PR campaign underway to clean up computers infected with DNSChanger viruses that divert victims' traffic to sites that can further exploit the machines.

Identity Theft: When Millions of Dead People Apply for Credit Cards

Seems that the threat of identity theft doesn't end, even with death.

Microsoft Windows RT Tablets Will Be More Security Friendly Than IPad, Android Devices

Newly announced capability can check the devices for compliance with corporate policies.

New Microsoft Tool Maintains Windows User Settings in Virtual Environments

Apps stay customized no matter how users tap into them.

Whoops! Check Point Lets Checkpoint.com Expire

Security company's website disappears for 23 minutes.