Tim GreeneSenior Editor, Network World

Tim Greene covers security and keeps an eye on Microsoft for Network World.

Armored-Truck Company Entrusts Tracking Software to Windows Azure Cloud

U.K.-based cash-transport firm G4S is trusting the security of Microsoft's Windows Azure cloud service to keep safe the application that tracks where the money is as it travels to and from customers and the company's vaults in armored trucks.

HTC Android Fix Delayed for Some

Some users of HTC Android phones will have to wait until next week to get a fix for a problem that could leak access info to Wi-Fi networks.

Microsoft Researchers Say Anonymized Data Isn't So Anonymous

Data routinely gathered in Web logs - IP address, cookie ID, operating system, browser type, user-agent strings - can threaten online privacy because they can be used to identify the activity of individual machines, Microsoft researchers say.

Obama Website Crushed by Republicans' When It Comes to Download Speeds

If the presidential election were determined by how fast the candidates' Web pages download, President Obama would lose to any of his Republican challengers.

HTC Android Phones Can Leak Wi-Fi Passwords

A group of HTC Android phones is susceptible to an exploit that can steal Wi-Fi credentials and passwords and send them to attackers.

Windows Phone 7 App Fights Malaria

Microsoft has awarded an Imagine Cup Grant to a team that developed a custom Windows Phone 7 and application that can diagnose malaria then upload the data to cloud servers that map the data to help track outbreaks.

6 Security Companies to Watch

This group of security companies includes several that want to capitalize on technology ideas that were originally devised to serve communities of special interest but could now take on a wider cybersecurity role.

Expect Windows 8 in October

Microsoft apparently plans a consumer preview in late February and aims for an October release of the commercial version, according to hints at CES.

Microsoft Researcher: Passwords Aren't Dead but They Need Fixing

Passwords offer good enough protection vs. the harm that breaches cause.

Windows 8 May Prompt Malware Attacks on Hardware, McAfee Predicts

Security features in Windows 8 will discourage operating-system attacks and drive hackers to develop malware that compromises hardware directly.

2012: Virtual Desktops Are All the Rage

As budgets are locked in for 2012 it's time to aggressively expand server virtualization, and those who are held back by cost may consider virtual desktops.

Windows 8 Details Seep Out

Hints about Microsoft's plans regarding security, touchscreen support, and participating vendors fuel speculation about the refreshed operating system.

Inventor of SecurID: 'Windows 8 Picture Password is Fisher-Price Toy'

The Windows 8 feature that logs users in if they touch certain points in a photo in the right order might be fun, but it's not very good security, according to the inventor of RSA's SecurID token.