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Nikon D800 Full-Frame DSLR Packs 36 Megapixels

With a 36-megapixel full-frame sensor, the $3000 Nikon D800 is built for huge prints, aggressive cropping, fashion shoots, and fat wallets.

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Facebook IPO, Tons of New Cameras, and Inkjets for Business on PCWorld Podcast #131

Facebook makes a lot of money, and wants to make more by going public. Also, did you know that inkjet printers may be better than lasers for small business?

Stylish Pentax K-01 Mirrorless Camera Will Support DSLR Lenses

Pentax's new compact interchangeable-lens camera offers a unique body designed by Marc Newson, and it's the first mirrorless camera we've seen to support DSLR lenses natively.

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Nikon Refreshes Entire Coolpix Line With Nine New Cameras

Among the highlights in Nikon's new announcements are an F1.8 premium compact, two pocketable high-zoom cameras, and a kid-friendly rugged model.

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Panasonic Announces 20X-Zoom Pocket Camera, Full-Featured Rugged Camera

Four new Panasonic point-and-shoots were unveiled today, including the 20X-optical-zoom Lumix ZS20 and the durable Lumix TS4, which is packed with a barometer, an altimeter, and full manual controls.

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Sony's Glass-Plated TX200V Camera Stays Fashionable Even Underwater

One of three new Cyber-shot cameras announced today, the waterproof TX200V packs a fast autofocus system and an OLED touchscreen behind a glass faceplate.

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Pentax Optio VS20: 20X Pocket Megazoom With 2X Shutter Buttons

Pentax's new 20X pocket megazoom camera has a pair of shutter buttons and tripod mounts, designed for easier operation when the camera is held vertically.

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Q&A: Eye-Fi CEO Yuval Koren Discusses His SDA Complaints

Wi-Fi-card maker Eye-Fi has serious concerns about the SD Association's proposed iSDIO spec, which CEO Yuval Koren says infringes on his company's intellectual property and represents a 'disregard' for the SDA's own processes.

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Q&A: Lytro Exec Charles Chi Talks Light Field, Battery Life, and Licensing

The executive chairman of Lytro--a small company doing big things in the world of photography--discusses the technology behind a light-field sensor, the possibility of licensing its camera tech to phone manufacturers, and the future of sensors.

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Is the SD Association Trying to Bully Eye-Fi Out of Intellectual Property?

A blog post by Eye-Fi CEO Yuval Koren claims that the storage-card standards body has ignored its own processes in announcing a new Wi-Fi-enabled card spec, and that the proposed standard infringes on Eye-Fi's intellectual property.

CES 2012 Camera and Camcorder Trends: Connected, Compact, and Complex

This year's big camera announcements were all about built-in Wi-Fi, zoom lenses in pocketable frames, and powerful-but-pricey cameras.

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Eyes-On With LG's Stunning 55-Inch OLED 3D TV

It's likely to be mighty expensive when it comes out in the second half of 2012, but LG's 55-inch OLED set offers outstanding brightness, speed, 3D performance, and energy efficiency.

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Sony Bloggie Live Lets You Live-Stream Video Over Wi-Fi

A new pocket camcorder from Sony takes Wi-Fi sharing into the realm of live broadcasting, as it streams video from the device to the Web in real-time.

Sony Unveils New Floating-Lens Stabilization and Projector-Camcorders

Among Sony's 13 new Handycam camcorders, three feature an innovative optical stabilization system, five offer built-in projectors, and nine offer in-camera GPS.