Other Online Tax Options

Editor's Note: As prominent a place as both Intuit's TurboTax and H&R Block's TaxCut enjoy, they're not the only places...

How Much Do You Owe Uncle Sam? Tax-Prep Sites May Disagree

We ran the same tax situation through five popular tax-preparation sites, and got totals that varied by almost $2000.

TurboTax Premier (2009)

First-rate advice and explanations keep the TurboTax site on top, but if your return is straightforward, you'll find better deals elsewhere.

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TaxAct Online Deluxe (2009)

Though it lacks some extras, TaxAct's $17 price tag makes it the best value among tax-prep sites.

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TaxCut Premium (2009)

Excellent site with human backup from H&R Block pros, but state features not great and data import options are limited.

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