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Todd R. Weiss is an award-winning technology journalist and freelance writer who worked as a staff reporter for Computerworld from 2000 to 2008. Weiss covers enterprise IT from cloud computing to Hadoop to virtualization, enterprise applications such as ERP, CRM and BI, Linux and open source, and more. He spends his spare time working on a book about an unheralded member of the 1957 Milwaukee Braves and watching classic Humphrey Bogart movies.

Three Fixes for Microsoft's Bottom Line 'We' Want

The three things Microsoft must do to boost profits in a tough economy? Hint, Windows 7, Office 2010 -- and a new attitude!


Apollo's 40th Anniversary Shows True Wonder of the Internet

Desktop computers and networks more powerful than the technology that guided the Apollo astronauts recreate the historic mission this week.


Sony Ericsson Unveils Facebook-Friendly Walkman Phone

The $50 Sony Ericsson W518a offers a digital music player, mobile Facebook application, and, yes, it makes calls, too.


Google Voice App Headed for Blackberry, Android: Report

Google will be launching a version of its Google Voice phone service for Blackberry and Android handsets.


Windows 7: Not Done Yet, but Close

Microsoft says the upcoming OS has not yet hit the release to manufacturing milestone, but it will soon.


Windows 7, Office 2010, Google Chrome OS: Never a Dull Tech Moment

Soon consumers will have a number of different tech choices to make between the launch of new operating systems and office suites.


Microsoft Finally Patches ActiveX

Maybe they should call it "Delayed Patch Tuesday"? Where's the outrage?

Google’s Chrome OS: Not the first Web-based OS

Chrome OS may get all the attention, but several companies have been offering similar products for years.


Will Consumers Take a Shine to Google's Chrome OS?

Google may win the hearts of techies with its Chrome OS, but what about the rest of the computer world?


Thriller: Follow the Michael Jackson Memorial Service Live Online

Many news sites have beefed up their capacities to handle the anticipated crush of online onlookers today.

Web Browser Wars, Michael Jackson Version

Latest tallies show IE still dominates, but the rest of the pack is rallying.

Security Patch Palooza: Microsoft Issues 31 Big Fixes

Microsoft issues important updates to Windows XP and Vista users that fix some (not all) security flaws.

Post-Election Advice: Vote Early

The e-voting machines weren't the reason for long lines, bit turnout was, election officials say, suggesting early voting options for the next election.

E-voting '08: Problems, Yes, but It Could Have Been Worse

Despite reports all day long about an assortment of e-voting machine problems in several U.S. states, no massive systemic problems were reported.

Online Video of Purported E-Voting 'Flip' Is Disputed

Let's call it the Loch Ness monster video of the touch-screen e-voting world.