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Consider Desktops in the Cloud for BYOD

Desktop-as-a-Service is an interesting way for IT execs to provide cloud-based Windows desktop sessions, as well as shared resources such as storage.

How to Divorce Google

Leave Google and restore your privacy in seven days (or at least get a start on the process) -- One man's tale of escape.

Cloud Activity to Explode in 2012

Key areas of growth in cloud activity will include asset management, security monitoring, cloud service brokering and service stacks.

Top iPad Alternatives for Business

First Look: Windows Server 8

Windows Server 8: The Microsoft Server Fork

There's an argument to say that Windows Server is now Microsoft Server with Optional Windows. If it's what Microsoft has described, it's a hard left turn for Microsoft

Broadband Bytes Have Lost Their Bite

DSL, cable, fiber, or wireless -- bytes/sec are no longer meaningful measures.

Internet cloud

5 Cool Tools for Cloud Management

Cloud management tools are as varied as cloud uses. For this test, we chose five tools that each attack cloud management from a different perspective.

Malware is a Disease; Let's Treat it that Way

Analysis: Were these a human virus, the CDC would be subjecting it to observation and protocols, while someone was racing to invent vaccinations for the world to use.

AT&T/T-Mobile: Why this New Monopoly is Bad for Consumers

Analysis: Does the AT&T/T-Mobile merger give AT&T too much power?

Who Killed the Netbook?

The netbook’s brief success was also its swan song

First Look at Windows Azure

There's "the cloud" and then there's Windows Azure.

VMware Makes Cloud Jumping Easy

VMware's vCloud Connector (VCC) is a free VMware virtual appliance and vSphere plug-in that makes it a snap to transfer VMware virtual machines.