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Tom Kaneshige has been covering business and technology in Silicon Valley for two decades. As senior online writer at, Tom covers Silicon Valley culture, BYOD and consumer tech in the enterprise.

iPads settle into the classroom

School districts ramp up their rollout of tablets to the classroom to improve learning through interactivity.

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Windows 8 Tablet could come of age in 2014, analysts say

After trailing iPads and Android tablets in 2013, analysts predict Windows 8 tablets will surge from a distant third place to lead the way into businesses.

It's time to leave the driving to the droids

The best thing about driverless cars is that robots don't get distracted. Tom Kaneshige explains why we should pry our fingers from the steering wheel and leave the road to self-driven cars.

What's behind the iPad hack at Los Angeles high schools?

When 340 high school students figured out how to remove mobile device management software from their iPads, they did more than gain access to social networks and banned websites. They exposed what can go wrong with Apple's approach to supporting companies and schools looking to deploy and manage thousands of iPads.


Google Glass and Galaxy Gear get the spotlight now, but best wearables are yet to come

Google Glass and Samsung Galaxy Gear the high-profile wearable technology ventures, but other products in the works will be more practical, more affordable, more power-efficient, and not fashion statements.

Are we missing life to focus on our mobile companions?

If you've ever felt isolated among your smartphone-obsessed friends and family, you're not alone. Do our mobile devices connect us or sentence us to solitary confinement?

Confidential data is leaving on workers' mobile devices

Are confidential corporate documents finding their way onto employees' personal phones, laptops and tablets? You bet. Even worse, the next-generation workforce doesn't care.

Will you swap your smartphone for wearable technology?

When it comes to emerging technology, 'wearables' may be the talk of the town these days. But don't throw away your trusty smartphone. It may become the driving force behind wearable technology such as glasses, watches and clothing.

Smartphone security in the workplace a tough issue with BYOD

Companies don't want their deep secrets to get out, while employees don't want to be told how to use their precious mobile gadgets that they bought with their own money.

Smartphone players offer a mix of messages in TV ads

Apple, Samsung and Microsoft take divergent paths to selling their smartphones via TV commercials. The winning approach: Focus on your own unique features, and resist potshots at the competition.

Microsoft to gain strength in mobile enterprise race, survey says

Aberdeen Group surveyed 348 organizations about their mobile strategy in November and December last year.

Is a 'bring your own support' movement killing the help desk?

A "bring your own support" movement is sprouting up within BYOD programs as employees become more self-sufficient. Is this a death knell for the IT help desk? One possible savior: an enterprise Genius Bar.

Business green-light Apple iPads after Surface letdown

iPads have held their ground against challenges from Android tablets and Windows 8 tablets like the Surface RT

Apple expert details how to keep iPad business migrations in check

There's no easy path to iPad adoption, and a bogged-down iPad pilot program can spell disaster. Here's how to simplify complicated iPad migrations.

iPhones chipping away at BlackBerry enterprise stronghold

iPhones will beat out BlackBerries in the enterprise this year, IDC says, thanks in part to the "Bring Your Own Device" trend. But judging from your corporate-issued BlackBerry sitting idle in your desk drawer, has it happened already?