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AT&T IPhone Users Irate at Idea of Usage-Based Pricing

In less than two years, the iPhone has changed the way people think about and use their phones. As with any paradigm shift, reverberations can be felt in many...


Apple Wish List: Five Smart Moves for the Coming Year

Some of the things we hope to see next year just might come to pass, while others are wishful thinking.


iPhone Owners Happy to Pony Up for Hot Content

Would you pay $3 for GQ magazine's December issue on the iPhone? I did, and I'm not alone.


Navigation Apps for the iPhone Prove Profitable

Navigation apps ring up some of the highest sales of all the apps in Apple's app store.


Top 10 iPhone Apps for Hobbyists

Grilling. Bird watching. Shopping. Whatever your downtime passion, there's an app for that. Here's a look at ten intriguing options to help you recharge.


Steve Jobs Snubs Fan

Hero worship gets a bad rap when the head of Apple brushes off the co-owner of a Mac shareware company.

Next: Control a Computer With Gestures

What's the latest buzz among software engineers and computer geeks in Silicon Valley? Aside from the newly released Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, it's a video...


Why There Shouldn't Be an iPhone App for That

For some retailers, an iPhone app makes perfect sense. Others, not so much.


Verizon Ad Sticks It to AT&T, Talks Up iPhone

Verizon's latest ad talks up the iPhone's strengths. Can it be that the rumors of a Verizon iPhone in the works are true?


Six iPhone Catastrophes — And How to Deal with Them

Here's a look at the six top daily dangers for your iPhone — and what to do when disaster strikes.


Survey: BlackBerry for Guys, iPhone for Gals

Three out of five BlackBerry owners are men, while a little more than half of iPhone owners are women, according to a Retrevo survey.


iPhone Debuts in China With Sky-High Price

An "official" 32GB iPhone 3GS in China costs more than $1,000.


Windows 7: Hot New Hardware

Microsoft put eye-catching hardware on display at last week's Windows 7 launch event. From netbooks and ultrathins to standard-size laptops and All-in-One touchscreen PCs, here's a closer look at some of the shiniest new Windows 7 machines.

Motorola's Droid May Be a Boon for iPhone Owners

"The more platforms, the merrier," says Gartner analyst. "Competition is a good thing."


Phone Wars: Droid, iPhone Square Off

Droid vs. IPhone: Predictions, Weigh-ins, Pre-Bout Chatter