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How Much Should Apple's Tablet Cost?

Apple needs to hit the $600 price point, says shopping site Retrevo, after surveying consumers. But that may not be easy.


Smartphone Etiquette: Mind Your Manners for the Holidays

What are the do's and don'ts for smartphone users this holiday season? You may be surprised at what most people consider good iPhone and BlackBerry manners, as revealed by a new survey.


New App Store Rules Good News for IPhone Users

Apple has made it easier for developers to offer trial versions of iPhone apps -- free versions that users can upgrade later to the full version.


iPhone App Logos: 10 Fierce (and Fugly) Designs

Designing an iPhone app logo poses a big marketing challenge. Here are some iPhone app logos that do the job well (and some that leave us wanting more than cute animals or screen clutter).


Happy iPhone Customers Limit their Love to Apple

New customer surveys reinforce the iPhone users are satisfied with Apple, but AT&T? Not so much.

How to Avoid 6 Everyday iPhone Traumas

iPhone disasters happen to the best of us. Here's a look at the six top daily dangers — and what to do when disaster strikes.


Game On: Apple iPhone and Sony PSP Fight to the Death

Experts, analysts and vendors continue to debate — but teenagers have the best advice.

Snow Leopard Sneaks Up on Enterprise

Enterprise Mac engineers blindsided by Snow Leopard's month-early appearance on the market.


5 Reasons to Switch to Snow Leopard Now

Snow Leopard: Five Reasons to Upgrade Now


Apple iPhone Could Kill Off Five Markets

The Swiss army knife of smartphones combines many different devices into one juggernaut product.


5 Most Innovative iPhone and iPod Apps

From artists to U.S. soldiers, more professionals than ever are using the iPhone and iPod Touch to get important jobs done. Here are five ways Apple's devices get down to business on campus, on the battlefield, and beyond.


Your Fave iPhone Apps Can Reveal Your Personality

Analysis: My most used iPhone apps tell me much has changed about how I communicate and seek information.


Dear Apple: My iPhone is a Lemon

Anecdotal evidence strongly suggests there are more than a few iPhone 3GS lemons in the market.


Apple Still Mute to iPhone Complaints

Apple follows its tradition of silence when customers question and complain about glitches with its newest star product.

iPhone App Helps You Mind Your Manners

Save yourself from making a faux pas at a job interview, business dinner or networking event.