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Take a Look at the Posh Homes of Tech's Elite

Super-wired, super-plush and, of course, super-expensive: Check out the homes of Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, Marc Benioff and their tech titan peers. Bernie Madoff's now-seized cribs had little on these palaces on land and sea when it comes to luxury.

Ready to Swap your Laptop for a Smartphone?

As smartphones grow in functionality, you might be able to forego the laptop in favor of a smartphone.

Apple WWDC Predictions: New iPhone, Snow Leopard

The latest iPhone and Snow Leopard headline the great expectations for the sold-out show.


The Mythic Apple 'Tablet': More Burning Questions

Analysis: The new tablet, due out in the fall or maybe this summer, has tongues wagging. Here are three burning questions swirling around this mysterious device.

Apple iPhone Need Not Fear BlackBerry

Analysis: BlackBerry outsold the iPhone in the first quarter, but the race is hardly over.

The iPod Touch Goes to War

The "funnest iPod ever" gets serious as it marches into active duty in Middle East.


Three Rules for Managing PC Power Usage

Nearly a third of tech's power usage comes from PCs and peripherals, according to a new Gartner report.

Will an Apple Netbook Have iPhone-Like Appeal?

With sales of pricey Macs sputtering, Apple may be looking at the emerging netbook market to kick-start business.

Apple Layoffs, 10-inch iPod Touch: A Barrel of Apple Rumors

Apple rumors create challenges for companies deciding on what to support next from Apple.

Safari's Security Reputation Takes a Beating

Apple's Safari browser has taken some shots lately over its security capabilities compared to those of other popular...


The Ultimate Browser Security Face-Off

Does your choice of browser affect your chances of being infected? You bet. We tested the top five browsers, and the results may surprise you.

IT's New Mantra: Work Smarter, Not Harder

Garnter report shows that IT shops aren't taking on more tasks, but changing their approach to the work at hand.

Top Resume Tips for Tech Pros

Follow these tips to avoid the common mistakes that torpedo many IT pros'job searches.

Techies and Games -- A Recipe for Success

Gaming has long been an opportunity to develop mental powers and flex the most feared fingers in the universe.

What Are the Top Tech Certs in a Down Market?

Not all credentials will boost your career, so in tough times you have to choose wisely.