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Tom Kaneshige has been covering business and technology in Silicon Valley for two decades. As senior online writer at, Tom covers Silicon Valley culture, BYOD and consumer tech in the enterprise.

Apple vs. Amazon: Who Is Really Fixing E-Book Prices?

A brouhaha is shaping up: Apple and book publishers square off against Amazon and the DOJ over the price of an e-book. Who's right?'s Tom Kaneshige looks back to a Whiz Kid from the '90s for answers.

iPad in the Enterprise: A Videoconferencing Dream Machine?

The iPad and other mobile devices have the potential to transform how employees communicate and collaborate, essentially becoming magic hubs for videoconferencing and instant-messaging.

BYOD: If You Think You're Saving Money, Think Again

It's the battle hymn of the mobile worker: They want to use their personal iPhones, iPads and Android devices instead of company-issued BlackBerry smartphones...

3 Top Gripes About the New iPad

Reviewers give Apple's newest tablet three strikes, but it's far from out, according to analysts and technicians.

iPad Security Case Study: Are We There Yet?

Six months ago, the first iPad landed at the Bank of the Ozarks. Now there are nearly 20 company-owned iPads in employees' hands, with plenty more on the way.

Consumerization of IT: The Social Networking Problem

Companies embracing high-stakes social networking tools face a litany of problems, from poor first impressions to bitter employees taking over online conversations.

Why You Should Not Buy Your Child an iPad

With the iPad 3 debut coming, you can bet a lot of children and young adults are begging their parents to buy them an Apple tablet.

Apple IPad 3: Should It Support LTE?

Faster wireless data networks can help usher in a new class of big, beautiful, always-on hosted Apple iPad apps that will need serious bandwidth speed.

Apple iPad Aims to Revolutionize Education

The iPad might change how a traditionally non-tech worker -- the high school teacher -- performs in the classroom.

IPad 3: Predictions and Challenges From iFixit

iFixit's Kyle Wiens has a darn good track record when it comes to Apple predictions. Here, he opines about the next iPad.

Apple in China: Should We Applaud Instead of Condemn?

Apple publicly names its overseas suppliers. A New York Times article blasts working conditions there.

Are CIOs Championing Consumer Tech?

Debunking myths about the consumerization of IT, a new survey shows companies embracing consumer gadgets.