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Tom Kaneshige has been covering business and technology in Silicon Valley for two decades. As senior online writer at, Tom covers Silicon Valley culture, BYOD and consumer tech in the enterprise.

Android's Big Rush Could Sack IT: 5 Preparation Tips

If you think iPhones and iPads are hard to support in the enterprise, just wait for the rush of Android devices that could blindside CIOs.

Can You Swap Your Laptop With an iPad?

Tired of lugging your laptop on business trips? Imagine leaving your clunky laptop at home and getting virtually all of your work done on a slim iPad. Yes, it's possible.

When the CEO Gives iPads to All: One CIO's Story

Last summer, KLA-Tencor, a Silicon Valley semiconductor equipment maker, rebounded from the market doldrums to post annual revenues of $1.8 billion. The happy CEO surprised the company's 5,400 employees by telling them that they would each be rewarded with a shiny, new iPad.

Future iPhone, iPad Apps: Smart, Engaging, Maybe Costly

Mobile apps are maturing quickly as developers get more sophisticated, take dead aim at tablets, and find new ways of making money, says a new survey.


Apple's New Screws Stymie Do-it-Yourselfers

Apple's new "Pentalobular" screw for iPhone 4s, MacBook Pros, and MacBook Airs relegates repairs to approved commercial crews.

Top 15 iPhone Apps for Newbies

For years, many have longed to own an iPhone, only to be turned off by AT&T's dodgy network. The wait is over: A Verizon iPhone 4 will hit the market Feb. 10. So what will you download first? Here are 15 can't-miss iPhone apps.


Verizon vs. AT&T: Which Can Feed IPhone's Need for Speed?

Will the iPhone swamp the Verizon network, just like it did to AT&T's network? Should you wait for the iPhone 5 that may or may not run on faster 4G?

Apple's Great (and Not-So-Great) Moments in 2010

From the smash debut of the iPad to the coming of the Mac OS X Lion to a knee-jerk ban on bikinis in the App Store, Apple had one dramatic year.

When is the Verizon iPhone Coming?

Verizon needs an iPhone as soon as possible -- and this means February.


Apple's 4 Biggest Surprises of 2010

If you've been tracking Apple earnings, you know that Apple has had a record-breaking year. Apple's market cap is nearing $300 billion.

How the Grinch Stole the iPad

Analysis: Rumors of Apple's iPad 2 may dampen iPad holiday sales.


Emerging Tech: Social Commerce Fills the Shopping Cart

Social promotion tools are becoming increasingly important for businesses to market their products and attract customers.

12 iPhone (and iPad) Accessories That Define You

What do you get the geek in your life who already has an iPad or iPhone? An accessory, of course. Here are 12 identity-defining accessories (and related apps).


Alternatives to Apple App Store, For Businesses

Apple's App Store and iTunes are great for consumers but kludgy for companies.

Why One Company Is Ditching Sales Laptops for iPads

iPads are the future, says one company.