How Google Helps Hackers (Accidentally)

Hackers prioritize Google search results for poisoning, study reveals.

Study: 60 Percent of Facebook Users Mulling to Quit

Due to prevailing privacy concerns, several Facebook members are thinking to quit the popular social networking site -- at least 60 percent of them -- according to a Sophos survey.

Facebook Still a Hotbed of Identity Theft, Study Claims

User negligence has gotten worse in social networks, security firm Sophos says after study.

Spam Strangles YouTube

Antivirus vendor Kaspersky A prediction of a spam-filled YouTube is coming dangerously close to reality.


Cheaper Cell Service -- For the Price of Eyeballs

Digital advertising could lower the cost of mobile phone usage, an advertising firm says.

Wi-Fi Now a Smartphone Must-Have

Networks accommodating Wi-Fi handsets, TV-Out, App Store changes, and other trends from Ovum researchers.

Symantec Faces a New Year of New Threats

Security and storage company Symantec maps out its 2009 plan of attack.

PC Game Industry Rocks, AMD Says

The PC gaming industry is "blooming," based on brisk graphics card sales, AMD reports.

Microsoft Launches Hardware to Complement Vista

New mouse pads, keyboard, and Webcam are designed to complement Windows Vista.

Web Gives Hackers More Territory, Tools

The Web is emerging as the preferred platform for security attacks and no longer just the users' PCs, security experts warn.

Google, Yahoo to Reach 3 Billion Mobile Phones

Yahoo and Google aim to bring the Internet to about 3.2 billion cell phone users--as compared to the 850 million PC users today.