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Microsoft Updates Bing with 'Visual Search' Feature

Microsoft has updated its Bing search engine with a new feature called 'Visual Search' that allows you to browse images instead of text links.

Hate Hidden Fees? PC World Wants to Hear from You

PC World invites readers to share their tech-related hidden fee horror stories for an upcoming report.

Lavasoft Digital Lock

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Google's Chrome OS May Fail Even as It Changes Computing Forever

The Google Chrome OS is destined to redefine the desktop operating system, but it might just fall flat on its face as it does so.


Office 2010: Most Innovations Are Online

Most of the real changes in the new versions of Word, Excel, Outlook, and Powerpoint come in your capability to use them on the Web.

Google Removes 'Beta' Label from Gmail, Calendar, Other Services

Google is pushing its Google Apps suite of communications services into prime time, removing the "beta" label.

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Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox

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Bing vs. Google vs. Yahoo: Feature Smackdown

We compare top features of three search engines-Bing, Google, and Yahoo--in the ultimate search engine battle royale.

Hands On With Bing, Microsoft's New Search Engine

After testing the preview release of Microsoft's new "Decision Engine," I'm impressed. Still, the challenge of sharply reducing Google's market share is daunting.

It's Official: Bing Is Now Microsoft's Search Engine

Microsoft has taken the wraps off of Bing, which introduces a new look, spruced up navigation for search results, and a categorized search feature.

Bing: A Visual Tour of What's New

Microsoft has rebooted its Live Search and rechristened it Bing. Here is a tour of Bing and point-by-point look at what it has to offer.

Vista Service Pack 2

Patch your Vista or Server 2008 system with this major update.

Vista Service Pack 2 Now Ready for Download

Microsoft has released the final version of Windows Vista Service Pack 2.


The Google Chrome 2.0 Web Browser is Now Ready for Prime Time

Google has released the final version of its Google Chrome 2.0 Web browser adding some new features to the final release.