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Will Your Data Disappear When Your Online Storage Site Shuts Down?

Dying storage dot-coms can make precious images or business data vanish overnight. Here's how to protect yourself.

First Official Images of Kindle DX

Here is a look at Amazon's new Kindle DX, a larger version of the e-book reader, designed to accommodate newspapers and textbooks.

Office 2007 Service Pack 2 Now Available for Download: SP2 Overview

Microsoft has updated its Office 2007 suite with improvements to Outlook, Excel, and SharePoint Server.

Google Updates Gmail for iPhone and Android OS

Google updates its Gmail offerings for iPhone and Android adding speed and a “floaty.”


Fun With Google Suggest

Google tries to guess what you're searching for with Google Suggest, but some of its suggestions are downright weird.

Strangest Sights in Google Street Views

With the unblinking eye of Google's Street Views, anyone can be a virtual rubbernecker. And some of the things you can spot using the service are downright unexplainable.

Twitter Plots Paid Accounts: Warms Up to Newbies

Twitter is raising its profile as it preps for premium paid accounts with new tools to lure more Twits.

Dawn of a Facebook Democracy? Users Invited to Shape Site's Policies

Facebook introduces Facebook Principals that will allow users to vote on key issues that impact user privacy.

Facebook’s Zuckerberg to Address User Privacy Concerns at Press Conference Thursday

Facebook has alerted the media that at 11 AM PT Thursday it will hold a press conference to address user privacy concerns.

Apple Debuts 'World's Fastest' Web Browser, Safari 4 Beta

Apple released a new beta 4 version of its Safari Web browser for the Mac and Windows OS. Apple claims its Nitro JavaScript engine makes it the World's fastest.

2009 Toy Fair: Tech Toys Rule at NYC Toy Confab

Robots, a tiny hydrogen-powered car, and a touch-sensitive Rubik's Cube are among the high-tech offerings at this week's trade show.


Getting Your Feet Wet With Google Ocean: First Look in Images

Google takes a deep-sea plunge with Google Earth 5 beta, which adds a new feature called Google Ocean. With this introduction to the mapping software, you can travel far below the surface to spot shipwrecks, track the movements of great white sharks, and wander the ocean floor--no scuba equipment required.

A Mind-Blowing World

Psychoactive substances sold on the Internet originate all over the world. Our interactive map shows where some of these plants and herbs come from.

Online Drugs: A Closer Look

Here's a closer look at psychoactive substances for sale online, from mushrooms, tinctures, and teas to smokes, powders, and seeds.

'Salvia Killed My Son,' Says Mother

Teen wrote that "Salvia makes me realize that humans have no reason to be on Earth."