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Why Users Should Manage Their Own PCs

Large companies such as BP and Google are rethinking the idea of IT controlling users' computers -- and sharing their lessons from the frontlines.

Google Enhances and Open Sources Its Update Software

Google has both refreshed and open sourced its Google Update software, which is code-named Omaha.

How 2009 Compares to the Dot-Com Bust and Prior Times

Assessments -- and predictions -- for tech's fate differ among analysts, but they're all running the numbers.

More Cash for Cloud Computing in 2009

Cloud computing revenue will soar faster than expected and will exceed $150 billion within five years, a Gartner report predicts

Internet Explorer Still Beats Rival Browsers, Study Says

Vista's a drag but Microsoft retains its solid lead in the browser market, researchers report.


IBM Still Leads in Patents

IBM is first ever to earn more than 4000 patents in a single year; boosts research and development.

Google Unwraps Apps Partner Program

Google has detailed a new program under which resellers can now offer Google Apps to businesses effectively.

Should Enterprises Reconsider the Cloud?

With Oracle and Microsoft now offering their core technologies via Amazon, is it time to trust the cloud?

Looking for Job Security? Try Cobol

As long as there are mainframes, there will be Cobol. Learn the language and the culture and you might land a job that that lasts until retirement.

Five Innovative Ways to Cut IT Costs

Tough choices lie ahead for IT departments. Get ahead of the curve with five cost-cutting tactics designed to hurt less.

Will the Downturn Accelerate Cloud Computing?

No one expects mass adoption, but analysts anticipate companies will take a much closer look at cloud computing services, thanks to the low cost of entry.

Invite Those Unsanctioned Applications In!

Users try to download software all the time, creating a tug-of-war with IT. It may be time to rethink the whole concept.

Dialing Down Software Support

Enterprise software maintenance and support costs are rising even as budgets tighten. Can you cut back safely?