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Does the BlackBerry Storm's Lack of Wi-Fi Matter?

RIM's design-out of Wi-Fi dooms the BlackBerry Storm in the same way that lacking essentials have buried the iPhone 3G and Wii -- not at all.

BlackBerry Storm: For Work and Play

With its strong messaging and connectivity features, the Storm is unmistakably a BlackBerry. But it's carried to a new level of usability by a touchscreen display.

AMD Bails Out IT

AMD's faster, cooler, less expensive Shanghai 45nm server CPU maximizes 2P rack server value when IT needs it most.

MacBook Pro Is Built to Last

If the unibody MacBook Pro were a car, it would be an eight-cylinder, hybrid, luxury SUV with full body armor.

Why Windows 7 Will Be Better Than Vista

Microsoft's new OS is being shaped by data phoned home from users' PCs.

Google's IPhone Killer

T-Mobile G1, though missing some key business features, is a phone that professionals, consumers, and developers will love.