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Tony is principal analyst with the Bradley Strategy Group, providing analysis and insight on tech trends. He is a prolific writer on a range of technology topics, has authored a number of books, and is a frequent speaker at industry events.

Five ways the iPad beats the Surface RT

The Surface RT is a well-engineered tablet with a solid OS, but there are still a number of reasons to choose the Apple iPad.


RingCentral's new SMS feature keeps your number private

RingCentral's cloud business phone service will enable SMS texting to and from a business number--even on personal mobile devices.

Five ways the Surface RT beats the iPad

The iPad has become virtually indispensable for many users, but the Surface RT makes a better mobile device in many ways.

Don’t fall for the Facebook privacy notice hoax

A trend on Facebook suggesting users can claim copyright ownership of content and photos by posting a disclaimer on their timeline is a hoax...still.

With shopping scams on the rise, watch for these threats

An overview of common holiday shopping attacks, and tips for a safe, secure online shopping experience.

US teens lead the way for shady, risky online behavior

A study from McAfee finds that US teens exhibit riskier online behavior than their peers around the world.

Here's how to secure your email and avoid becoming a ‘Petraeus’

Take a look at where Petraeus and Broadwell went wrong so you can understand how to better secure your email and protect your privacy online.

Five reasons Microsoft Lync 2013 matters

Lync 2013 has some new tricks up its sleeve that make it a great communication and collaboration tool for businesses.

Attention shoppers: Patch IE now before you shop online

Microsoft released six new security bulletins for Patch Tuesday, including a critical update for Internet Explorer that users should patch before shopping online this holiday season.

Microsoft App-V 5.0 takes virtualization to the next level

App-V 5.0 includes significant improvements to make virtualization a more appealing option for businesses.

Disappearing Web

Out of date, vulnerable browsers put users at risk

Many users are waiting a month or more to apply important security updates that can protect them from exploits and malware.

What you should know about MIcrosoft's new BitLocker Management

Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Management (MBAM) 2.0 improves on its predecessor to make it simpler to encrypt and protect data.

android malware

Study finds 25 percent of Android apps to be a security risk

A review by Bit9 of Android Apps in the Google Play market found over 100,000 that are "questionable" or "suspicious".

Crappy VPN support: The one fatal flaw of Windows RT

The Surface RT is a solid tablet with a lot of advantages for mobile productivity, but Windows RT has an Achilles heel that may render it useless for many users.

10 essential ingredients of a killer Windows 8 business PC

To get the most out of Windows 8, you need hardware designed to take full advantage of the unique capabilities the new OS has to offer.