Smartphones Rule in Mobile Market

Apple, Samsung, and HTC are the makers of the smartphones that dominate the mobile market, according a recent study by Gartner.


Web too Vulnerable to Potential Attack, Study Suggests

The Internet's critical infrastructure is prone to a cybersecurity attack, but little preparation is occurring, security study reveals.

Ads Fair Exchange for Free Tunes, Study Shows

Research reveals consumers in Southeast Asia are willing to watch advertisements in order to get free music.


Tech Brands Top on Social Networks

On Twitter and other virtual marketplaces, tech brands beat many top brick-and-mortar companies.

Internet Population Nears 2 Billion

A UN report cites increasing Internet access in developing countries and by mobile devices and texting.

NEC Develops a Way to Go Green Inside

Green technology researchers design a bioplastic material for use in digital systems components.


Security Study Confirms We're Taking Risks Online

Users should -- but don't -- vary User log-in names and passwords on secure websites, a study reveals.

Symantec Warns of Cyber Attacks Worse Than Love Bug

The security firm has detected 36,208 unique strains of malware that were designed to carry out targeted attacks.

Cybercriminals Exploit Haiti Tragedy with Malware

Symantec reports that spamming and phishing attacks doubled as a percentage of all spam in January.

Mobile Internet Access Jumps

Mobile Web access by phone is increasing substantially in Asia, browser maker Opera reports.


Asia Leads in Broadband Growth

China is overtaking the U.S. as the biggest market for broadband installations, industry group reports.