Review: Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Offers Nostalgia in High Definition

This year’s nostalgic renaissance continues with a stellar up-rezzing of three of the Metal Gear saga's best and brightest.

Review: Batman: Arkham City Is Essential for Batman Fans

A stellar superhero game that raises the bar for its peers, Rocksteady's Arkham City is indeed the game that Gotham City deserves, and a must-own for Bat-fans.

Get Street Fighter II And Final Fight On Your iPhone

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GameStop Apologizes, Compensates Deus Ex PC Buyers

Trying to put the fiasco behind it, GameStop offers a coupon and apology for putting customers in the middle of a clash between competitors.

Google+ Games Launch Brings Angry Birds, Dragon Age, More

Big Brother's Google's little social network that could has just gotten a boatload of games ready to carpet bomb your productivity.

Final Fantasy Tactics iOS Port Approved by Apple

The oft-delayed iOS port of Square Enix's Final Fantasy Tactics has finally gotten the go-ahead.

A Graphical Timeline of American History (In Games!)

The editors of our sister site,, threw together this handy graphical timeline of (streamlined) American history (via screenshots of games). How fun is that?