Woody LeonhardSenior Contributing Editor, InfoWorld

Look for Woody's 984-page "Windows 10 All-in-One for Dummies," on store shelves worldwide.

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Microsoft continues to pour billions into its Online Services Division with no payback in sight. Why?

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Steve Ballmer's 11-year stint as Microsoft's CEO must come to an end someday. But when? And how? Here's our best guess

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Microsoft Shows Class in Disclosing Google Zero-Day

Still stinging from a Google engineer's untimely disclosure of zero-day attack code, Microsoft leads the way for responsible disclosure.

Microsoft's Own Figures Show Windows Share Shrinking

Analysis: Microsoft is bragging that it has licensed 350 million copies of Windows 7, but that number doesn't even keep up with the total number of PCs sold.

Firefox Isn't Dead or Dying

With Chrome 10, IE 9, and Firefox 4 available, all hands are on the table. In spite of what you may have read, Firefox isn't folding

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Recent events in Japan have spawned thousands of scams. Here's how to fight these cyber criminals

Who Wins in the Microsoft-Nokia $1 Billion Deal?

With $1B reportedly changing hands, this alliance has 'desperation' written all over it. If Windows Phone goes down the tubes, Microsoft loses a few hundred million but Nokia loses the farm.

Google vs. Microsoft: Lessons on handling a Cloud Fail

With two frighteningly similar online mail failures in the past two months, Microsoft and Google both had a chance to show us their mettle.