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Woody Leonhard writes computer books, primarily about Windows and Office; his latest, "Windows 8.1 All-in-One For Dummies," will soon give way to an All-In-One for Windows 10. He's senior contributing editor to InfoWorld's Tech Watch blog, senior editor at Windows Secrets Newsletter, and a Microsoft MVP. A self-described "Windows victim," he's won eight Computer Press Association awards and two Neal awards. Woody specializes in telling the truth about Windows in a way that won't put you to sleep.

What the Latest Data Security Breaches Really Mean

A spate of breaches has business users scrambling to check if passwords have been compromised. If only basic security measures had been followed...

Dropbox Caught With Its Finger in the Cloud Cookie Jar

Online file storage and sharing site Dropbox admits that it can see the data you've stored. Oops...

Microsoft Shows Class in Disclosing Google Zero-Day

Still stinging from a Google engineer's untimely disclosure of zero-day attack code, Microsoft leads the way for responsible disclosure.

Microsoft's Own Figures Show Windows Share Shrinking

Analysis: Microsoft is bragging that it has licensed 350 million copies of Windows 7, but that number doesn't even keep up with the total number of PCs sold.

Firefox Isn't Dead or Dying

With Chrome 10, IE 9, and Firefox 4 available, all hands are on the table. In spite of what you may have read, Firefox isn't folding

How You Can Help Shut Down Tsunami Scammers

Recent events in Japan have spawned thousands of scams. Here's how to fight these cyber criminals

Who Wins in the Microsoft-Nokia $1 Billion Deal?

With $1B reportedly changing hands, this alliance has 'desperation' written all over it. If Windows Phone goes down the tubes, Microsoft loses a few hundred million but Nokia loses the farm.

Google vs. Microsoft: Lessons on handling a Cloud Fail

With two frighteningly similar online mail failures in the past two months, Microsoft and Google both had a chance to show us their mettle.

Microsoft Takes a Swing at the iPad, Misses by a Mile

Microsoft's marketing strategy for selling Windows 7 tablets to iPad-leaning enterprises proves, once again, Redmond doesn't get it.

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Microsoft's Hotmail Fail a Bad Sign

Analysis: What does Microsoft's handling of Hotmail problems foretell about Office 365?

WikiLeaks Persists Despite Massive, Multifaceted Attacks

In a profound (and to many, troubling) reflection on the resiliency of the Web, WikiLeaks has emerged stronger than ever.

Google Chrome: Meet the Contender

Analysis: Few heads will turn at the sight of a Chrome OS netbook, but the technology represents a radical departure from techniques of recent years.

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Top 15 Free Tools for Every Windows Desktop

If you haven't looked at the Windows utilities landscape lately, you're in for a big surprise. Many of the old favorites have changed.

Security Site Gets Punk'd: Protect Yourself

Over Thanksgiving the Secunia.com site was defaced using a simple, effective DNS hijacking technique.

Geek Alert: Process Explorer is Back for Windows PCs

A mainstay of IT's working class, Microsoft's Process Explorer update is available, with even more PC troubleshooting tools.

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