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First Look: Nivio Cloud Software Service Is Promising, but Overly Complicated

This beta service is too difficult to get up and running, but it's capable of bringing many different kinds of apps to your tablet.

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Can Your Software Live in the Cloud?

Services such as CloudOn, Nivio, and OnLive are bringing full-blown Office apps to iPads and other mobile devices.

OnLive Desktop: Virtual Office Apps on Your iPad

With OnLive Desktop, you can run Microsoft programs, such as Word and Excel, that normally wouldn't work on an iPad. But the interface doesn't always make it easy to use them.

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When Two Monitors Aren't Enough

More and more people are working with more than two monitors. But does piling on the displays boost productivity and justify the cost?

Tax Prep? There's an App for That, Too

Tax prep software developers are introducing new options for doing taxes on tablets and cell phones, including an iPad version of TurboTax that's as full-featured as the Web version.

Tax Sites: TurboTax Is Still the One to Beat

Tax sites battling for your business have beefed up their import capabilities and added iPhone and iPad support, but Intuit's TurboTax remains the best--and the priciest.

Envizen Home Roam TV Review: Tote Your TV Around the House

Envizen's Home Roam TV lets you watch whatever's playing on your TV, cable box, Blu-ray or other player on a portable wireless display, but the resolution is poor and you have no control over the video source.

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Hauppauge Broadway Lets You Take Your TV With You

This small set-top box capably streams your live TV signal to devices on your home network or the Internet—but setup can be intimidating, and it lacks support for some key cable-box features.

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Sansa Clip Zip: A Value iPod Alternative

It’s not as small or stylish as Apple’s tiny MP3 players, but the Sansa Clip Zip provides an impressive array of features—including an FM radio, voice recorder, workout timer and microSD card slot—at very reasonable prices.

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TiVo Premiere Elite Review: Double the Recording Capacity, but at a Premium Price

With 2 terabytes of storage and the ability to record four programs simultaneously, the TiVo Premiere Elite vaults to the head of the DVR class.

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Aaxa P4 Review: A Pico Projector With Great Images, but Limited Battery Life

With its super-bright DLP-generated images and Windows CE operating system, the Aaxa P4 has much to offer the business traveler, but its battery life and speaker aren’t great.

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These Promising Tech Tools From CES Mean Business

Once dominated by TVs, stereos, and after-market car audio systems, CES has become the launch pad of choice for a slew of businesses-focused tech products.

Blue Microphones Unveils 3 New Mics

The Tiki, Mikey Digital and Spark Digital range in price from $59 to $199 and are perfect for people who don't want to settle for mediocre audio capture.

Home Theater Speakers Getting a Wireless Standard

The Wireless Speaker & Audio Association is working on specifications for wireless high-def audio so that consumers can mix and match components from different manufacturers.

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CloudFTP: The Missing Link Between USB Drives and iOS Devices

A $100 box the size of a small bar of soap, CloudFTP turns any USB drive into a wireless file server for iPhones, iPads and any other Wi-Fi enabled devices.