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Targus Pen Beams Handwritten Notes To Your iPad, in Real Time (Or Not)

Targus at CES is showing a prototype of iNotebook, a Bluetooth-enabled pen and receiver that captures your scribbles and can display them on an iPad in real time.

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Earphones to Wear When You Want to Hear More Than Music

AfterShokz earphones sit in front of your ear, allowing you to hear what's going on around you while you're listening to your MP3 player.

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TelyHD Review: Conferencing Device Brings Skype to Your Living Room

Tely’s new videoconferencing system packs a high-def camera and Skype support into a cylinder that perches on top of your TV, enabling family-friendly, PC-free video conferencing on a big screen.

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Intuit Debuts New Card Swiper, Takes Its Mobile Payment Service to Canada

Intuit announced plans to launch the GoPayment service in Canada "soon," with other global rollouts to follow as well as a newly designed card swiper.

Native Union Debuts a Refrigerator Post-It for the Digital Age

Play, a battery-powered video recorder and playback device, is roughly an inch thick and has a magnetized back to attach to a refrigerator.

DigiSafe DiskCrypt Does Ultra-secure Notebook Disk Encryption--At a Price

The DigiSafe DiskCrypt is a 1.8-inch hard disk enclosure that provides strong, pre-boot encryption for anything on the disk--but it could cost more than the disk itself.

Ion Docs 2 Go Lets You Scan Docs and Photos Directly to iPhone, iPad

Got a shoebox of old photos that you want to view on your iPad or iPhone? These two new gadgets from Ion might make your life a little easier.

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Home Networks Reach for the Cloud

The latest home networking gear includes features that give you access to and control over your network from mobile devices.

New Iomega Network Storage Gear Starts at 1TB, $220

Iomega adds two products to the growing army of network devices designed to make storing and serving up date easy and affordable.

One Laptop Per Child Shows Prototype Tablet

OLPC, the acronym for One Laptop Per Child, might have to become OTPC if its latest reference design takes off.

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Possibly the World’s Thinnest Power Strip

The thin-and-light trend moves to power strips with this svelte offering from Powertech Industrial.

GoPano Micro Is a Panoramic Camera for the iPhone

GoPano Micro lets you shoot 360-Degree Video Panoramas With Your iPhone 4 or 4S.

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The First Next-Gen Wi-Fi Chips Arrive

Broadcom announced its first chip family based on the coming 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard, which promises significant improvements over today’s fastest 802.11n gear.

Cirago USB to HDMI Display Adapter Review: Device Lets You Use an HDTV as a Second Monitor

With the Cirago adapter, you can easily move high-def content from USB to HDMI--but you have to make some quality compromises.

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Harmony Link Turns iOS and Android Devices Into Capable, but Flawed, Universal Remotes

Logitech’s Harmony Link—a flying saucer-like device that works like an IR blaster on steroids—accepts commands from a phone or tablet via your Wi-Fi home network. But its iOS software needs work.

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