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Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E420: Lenovo Style in an Affordable Package

The ThinkPad Edge E420 won't win any performance awards, but it's a pleasure to use, reasonably portable, and affordably priced.

Boost Weak Cell Service at Home: Your Options

Do you have a Dead Zone in your home? Femtocells and repeaters will help, but they'll cost you.

Dell Vostro 3350 Balances Portability, Price, and Performance

The Vostro 3350's sub-5-pound weight, 13.3-inch display, and 8-hour battery life make it a great candidate for travelers on a budget, as long as raw computing power isn't a priority.

Vulkano Flow: A Capable Sub-$100 HDTV Place-Shifter With Direct-to-Mobile Recording, Too

For under $100, the latest addition to Monsoon Multimedia's line of place-shifting products lets you stream decent versions of live or recorded TV from your set-top box to any Internet-connected PC, Mac, or iPad, or to an Android, Blackberry, or iPhone smartphone.

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Dell XPS 15 L502X: An Affordable Multimedia Marvel

With Nvidia graphics and JBL speakers, this all-purpose notebook shines at multimedia and isn't too shabby at games; both are attributes you don't find in most $800 laptops.

Dell Latitude E6420 ATG Review: A Fast, Tough, and Pricey Laptop

With an amazing battery life, lots of raw computing power, and a supertough case, the Dell Latitude E6420 ATG will appeal to business users who can afford to pay top dollar for a high-performance laptop.

Dell Latitude E5420 Review: A Sturdy Business Companion

With its impressive battery life and tough construction, the Dell Latitude E5420 is ready for whatever rough-and-tumble situations a business traveler may put it in, but it isn't cheap or lightweight.

Asus K53E-B1: A Beefy But Affordable Workhorse

It's on the heavy side and not particularly speedy, but the K53E-B1 delivers decent features, good battery life, and superior audio for a modest price.

How To Keep Connected While Flying and at the Airport

Here's how to stay online in-flight.

How To Get Online Anywhere

Stay connected while you're traveling and on-the-go.

Sprint 3G/4G MiFi: Great Potential, Erratic Performance

Sprint's newest Novatel Wi-Fi mobile hotspot lets several people share a single mobile broadband account, but its highly touted 4G performance proved erratic in our tests.

T-Mobile 4G Hotspot: Svelte and Speedy

About the size of a small cell phone, T-Mobile's 4G Hotspot fell somewhat short of delivering the speeds it promised, but it's fairly reliable, has good battery life, and lets you choose between several types of plans.

Web Services Promise to Save You Money, Slash Paperwork

The Web continues to make starting and running a small business easier. Here are three innovative tools introduced this week at the Finovate trade show.

Vizio XVT3D650SV HDTV Review: A Big, Beautiful 3D Set

Vizio's giant LED-backlit set bundles generally good image quality with solid connected-TV features and 3D support at a reasonable price, with multimedia playback coming via a firmware upgrade.

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LG 47LW5600 HDTV Review: 3D, Connected, and More

The stylish LG 47LW5600 packages impressive connected-TV features with decent image quality, 3D support, and an innovative second remote, at a moderate price.

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