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LG TVs Make New Connections

The Korean electronics giant announces HDTV improvements including Skype support, 480-hz refresh rates, a 6.3mm thin flat screen, and a 15-inch OLED display.

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Logitech's New Lapdesk N700 Cools and Plays Music

The Logitech Speaker LapDesk N700 features integrated speakers as well as a padded, fan-equipped platform for dissipating notebook heat.

Amazon's Kindle DX Goes Global

Amazon announces a new version of its big-screen e e-book reader with wireless support in more than 100 countries.

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iRiver Unveils 1/3-inch Thick E-Book

iRiver debuts Story at CES, possibly the thinnest e-book reader yet.

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AOC L42H961

If you're in search of an inexpensive, no-frills 42-inch 1080p LCD TV, you could do worse than AOC's L42H961, but only if you aren't into sports or any other...

Cisco FlipShare TV

Cisco's pocket-size Flip Video camcorders--such as the Flip MinoHD ( Macworld rated 4.5 out of 5 mice )--achieved widespread popularity by making the process of...

Inexpensive AOC Envision L42H961 Worth a Look for Those With Tight Budgets

AOC's HDTV stumbles on fast-motion content, but otherwise is a decent no-frills set at a rock-bottom price.

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Very Good Picture Quality Makes the Vizio VL470M HDTV Worth a Look

The Vizio VL470M is a handsome HDTV with superior image quality and tons of customizability options.

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Vizio SV470M: Good Price, Middling Picture Quality

The 47-inch Vizio SV470M LCD TV carries a reasonable price and a good array of customization options, but you can find better picture quality elsewhere.

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Vizio's VT420M: A Strong All-Around Performer

Though other HDTVs offer more extras and options, the Vizio VT420M performs best where it matters most: image quality.

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Cisco's FlipShare TV Lets You Watch Your Videos on TV

Streaming box aims to make viewing video on your television a simple affair, but the price is a bit steep.

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Top 5 Black Friday Gotchas

It’s crunch time for retailers, which can be good news for those of us out in the trenches shopping. But don’t let the hype lure you into a deal that’s no deal.

Roku HD-XR Excels at Streaming Media to Your TV

Compact, affordable media player delivers Netflix, Amazon, and other Internet media services over wired or 802.11n wireless--and does it well.

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HDTVs for the Holidays: No Bad Time to Buy

Steep price declines over the past year plus the usual Black Friday madness make this a good time to buy--but even if you wait, you’re apt to find great deals throughout the holiday season.

Roku SD: Low-Cost, Low-Res Media Streaming

If you can live with its lower resolution and limited wireless networking features, this media streamer is a respectable low-cost choice.

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