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Panasonic Pooh-Poohs Black-Level Brouhaha

Panasonic has confirmed a video enthusiast’s observation that blacks on Panasonic plasma TVs get brighter over time, but says that this is a side effect of technology that optimizes overall performance--and that it will be less apparent on newer sets.

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Vizio Shows Off Powerhouse Home Entertainment Lineup

Opting to preview its product line in a hotel meeting room rather than the CES show floor, Vizio displayed offerings with razor-thin displays and all sorts of wireless technologies.

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Tame Your TV’s Wild Volume Swings

Gefen’s new Volume Stabilizer sits between your set and your audio system, detecting and adjusting for sudden changes in media volume (like noisy ads).

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Stream Anything from Your PC to Your HDTV, Wire Free

Intel's new chips can compress the contents of a PC display on the fly and stream it wirelessly to a soon-to-be-introduced Netgear set-top box.

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HDTV 2010: Get Ready for 3D, More LEDs, OLEDS, Pixels, and Web Services

3D takes center stage, but don't discount HDTVs with new Web services, mainstreaming of 1080p screens, and LED-backlit LCDs.

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Blio E-Book Platform: No Reader (Yet), But Great Graphics

Based heavily on Microsoft presentation technologies, Blio excels at recreating illustrated titles that don’t fare well on e-Ink displays.

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Panasonic Promises 3D Plasma HDTVs by Summer, Adds Skype Support

The consumer electronics reaffirmed its commitment to 3D technology by announcing a full line of 3D HDTVs and a 3D-enabled Blu-Ray Disc player.

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LG TVs Make New Connections

The Korean electronics giant announces HDTV improvements including Skype support, 480-hz refresh rates, a 6.3mm thin flat screen, and a 15-inch OLED display.

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Logitech's New Lapdesk N700 Cools and Plays Music

The Logitech Speaker LapDesk N700 features integrated speakers as well as a padded, fan-equipped platform for dissipating notebook heat.

Amazon's Kindle DX Goes Global

Amazon announces a new version of its big-screen e e-book reader with wireless support in more than 100 countries.

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iRiver Unveils 1/3-inch Thick E-Book

iRiver debuts Story at CES, possibly the thinnest e-book reader yet.

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AOC L42H961

If you're in search of an inexpensive, no-frills 42-inch 1080p LCD TV, you could do worse than AOC's L42H961, but only if you aren't into sports or any other...