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Netgear adds Google TV streamer, Slingbox support, night-vision security camera

Netgear is shipping a NeoTV streamer with Google TV and a night-vision enabled webcam—but its Slingbox support across the NeoTV line may be its most interesting CES announcement.

D-Link Gaming and SharePoint routers

D-Link creates routers for work and play

D-Link’s CES lineup includes new routers for gamers, businesses, and travelers, plus additions to its line of security webcams.

Review: Microsoft Office 2013 features new look, prices

Microsoft's refreshed productivity suite sports a major design overhaul and seamless cloud integration—at a higher price.

10 great Google tools you need in your business workflow

Google's ever-expanding offerings include all sorts of goodies for business users. Here are a few beyond the obvious docs and productivity apps.

Review: Sony Xperia S tablet emphasizes entertainment

Sony's second-generation Android tablet has a pleasing design and is packed with Sony’s apps for entertainment aficionados.

Quicken 2013 vs. Mint: Is Intuit's free service better than its flagship software?

Both products deliver useful tools for tracking and planning your finances. One is free, but some would argue the other is less costly.

Pick a pico projector: We review four of the best and brightest models

These tiny projectors weigh less than a pound, but each is capable of delivering business presentations, slideshows, and video to audiences in boardrooms and living rooms.

Xerox Mobile Scanner: A versatile companion for business travelers

Outfitted with an Eye-Fi SD Card, this lightweight portable scanner can wirelessly transmit JPG images and PDFs to computers, the Web, or your Android or iOS mobile device.

Quicken 2013 Adds Support for Free Android, iOS Apps

Quicken 2013--the latest version of Intuit's personal finance desktop software--can sync with free Android and iOS apps, but it's more expensive than ever.

New web apps tackle business finance problems

Whether you're looking for a loan or help with everyday business chores, there's probably a web site that can help. Here are some of the newest products and services with a business spin.

Web conferencing showdown: What's the best software for online meetings?

Web conferencing can power anything from a quick, two-person pow-wow to an all-hands assembly. We test-drive four services to find a crowd-pleaser.

QuickBooks gets a major redesign

QuickBooks 2013's sleek new look draws inspiration from the web and the Microsoft ribbon, but longtime users might not appreciate having to relearn the user interface.

TiVo Stream sends TV to iPhone and iPad: Hands-on

TiVo Stream gadget lets you stream or download live or recorded content to your iPad or iPhone.

FreshBooks Launches iPhone App

Cloud-based accounting service FreshBooks today launches an iPhone app that recreates the invoicing and expense tracking features available on desktop browsers.

QuickBooks Online Gets Some Mint.com Data Entry Smarts

Intuit has updated its Web-based accounting software with improved features for online banking and income tracking.