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Steve Jobs' Advice to Mark Zuckerberg

The advice Steve Jobs gave Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg.

Stevie Wonder Thanks Steve Jobs for Making the iPhone and iPad So Accessible

Stevie Wonder recently thanked Steve Jobs of all people for helping create devices that are friendly to the blind.

Steve Jobs on Reports of CEO Succession: 'I Think It's Hogwash'

With Steve Jobs currently on his second medical leave, an interesting, and perhaps curiously timed, article details efforts from Apple's board of directors to explore possible CEO successors. Steve Jobs, though, thinks it's all "hogwash"

Apple Offers Refunds for Unhappy Final Cut Pro X Users

Final Cut Pro X has been lambasted by video professionals who are quick to point out a litany of missing features and usability issues.

Rumor: Sprint and T-Mobile to Get iPhone?

A recent research note from analyst Peter Misek coupled with a curious job posting from Apple point to the iPhone arriving on Sprint and perhaps T-Mobile later this year.

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Apple Looking to Take on Netflix?

With Apple's data center in North Carolina about to open up, rumor has it that Apple may be looking to launch its own video subscription service.

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iPad 2 Components May be in Short Supply

Analysis: The iPad 2 is already on back-order in many markets, and now Apple may find it difficult to replace certain parts in light of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

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Apple's New Boss Hints at Cheaper iPhone

Tim Cook intimated that Apple is cognizant of the fact that iPhone pricing is cost prohibitive for many and that the company has no intention of having the iPhone be a product 'just for the rich.'

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More Details on iPad 2 Emerge

Analysis: A smaller form factor with tapered edges is among the latest theories.

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Verizon iPhone Could Sell Millions . . . If it Ships

Analysis: It's high time to wonder just how many more iPhones Apple might sell with a brand new subscriber base of 90+ million users.

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Apple Suspends Sales of iPhone 4 Slide-On Cases

The cases can sometimes cause iPhone 4s to crack when tiny debris becomes lodged between the case and the rear of the device, which is made out of glass.

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iOS 4.2 Beta 2 Points to iPad Tethering

iOS 4.2 Beta 2 is barely a day old and people have found an interesting nugget that includes an option for Internet tethering, a feature that will allow iPad 3G owners to share their Internet connection with a laptop.

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iPod Touch Upgrade Packs Jaw-Dropping Features

Apple's changes are the biggest upgrade to the device since it first hit the market in September 2007.

Apple Expectations at Next Week's Event

Analysis: New iPods, a refreshed Apple TV, and cheap TV show rentals are expected at Apple's autumn media event next week.

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Refreshed Magic Trackpad Joins New Mac Pro, iMacs

Apple upgrades its Mac Pro and iMacs, whiles introducing new Cinema Display and brand new Magic Trackpad device.