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Yoni Heisler is a technology writer and Mac nerd who's been using Apple products for well over 21 years. He actively covers a wide variety of Apple topics, from legal news and rumors to current events and even Apple related comedy and history. Got an idea, comment or suggestions? You can reach him at iOnApple1@gmail.com or follow him on Twitter at @EdibleApple where he's also a part-time contributor.

Steve Jobs' Advice to Mark Zuckerberg

The advice Steve Jobs gave Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg.

Stevie Wonder Thanks Steve Jobs for Making the iPhone and iPad So Accessible

Stevie Wonder recently thanked Steve Jobs of all people for helping create devices that are friendly to the blind.

Steve Jobs on Reports of CEO Succession: 'I Think It's Hogwash'

With Steve Jobs currently on his second medical leave, an interesting, and perhaps curiously timed, article details efforts from Apple's board of directors to explore possible CEO successors. Steve Jobs, though, thinks it's all "hogwash"