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Apple Innovations Are Not Always Apple's Inventions

Five mainstream technologies made popular by Apple — but not necessarily invented anywhere near Cupertino.

Developers Get iPads and Stern Warnings from Apple

According to one report, developers must keep their iPads tethered to a stationary object in a room with blacked out windows.

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Apple's Top 10 News Stories of 2009

When Apple's employees and its customers look back on 2009, will they see it as the best year ever, or one of the most controversial?

iPhone Owners Gobble Up Online Media

According to a new study, iPhone owners are more likely to purchase online media — such as on-demand TV on their phones — than average consumers.

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Steve Jobs: Born to Tweet?

The Apple CEO's infrequent e-mail to customers is typically brief and to the point -- well within 140 characters.

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iPhone App Store Hits 100K, Leaves Others in the Dust

The iPhone may soon be getting stiffer competition from upcoming products like the Motorola Droid, but one area where Apple's commanding lead seems untouchable is its mobile app store.

iTunes LP: An Extremely Strategic Move for Apple

One of the more impressive aspects of the recent iTunes 9 release was the introduction of iTunes LPs, and the feature may very well be an important cog in Apple's long term product plans.

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Douse Your Palm Pre in Beer, Get a Free iPhone

There are a lot of ways to get rid of a cellphone. You can throw it in the trash, you can give it away — or you can drown it in a large glass of beer.

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Will Apple's Tablet Begin with a Backlash?

Apple's upcoming tablet is rumored to include a 9.6 inch multitouch screen, a PS Semi processor, and will reportedly run on AT&T's network.

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Seinfeld Star Now Plugging Macs

Apple this week began airing 2 new "Get a Mac" ads, and one of them features a very familiar face - Patrick Warburton, though you might know him better as David Puddy from Seinfeld.

Low Price Should Spur High Demand for Snow Leopard

Corroborating previous rumors, Apple's website is now officially allowing consumers to pre-order copies of Snow Leopard, with a ship and sale date of August 28th. In case you don't have a calendar handy, that's this Friday, and a few weeks before Apple's original anticipated ship date in late September.

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Top Apple Debacles

Apple's success with the iPod and iPhone is celebrated -- but deep in the annals of Apple history are a number of commercial flops. Take a look.

Apple Responds to Developers' Pleas

Analysis: Apple has reversed course and will once again issue promo codes to iPhone apps that come with a 17+ rating.

Picture Apple on the Web -- 26 Years Ago

Analysis: If the Web as we know it today had been around in 1983, here's how Jobs & Co. might have chosen to represent their current wares.

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Apple 'Tablet' Coming in October — Maybe

Analysis: In the "rumor-that-won't-die" department, a substantial report gives credence to an $800 tablet from Apple this fall.

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