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Schmidt May Remain on Apple Board, After All

Analysis: If Apple saw a conflict with Schmidt serving as a board member for both Google and itself, it would have no problem asking Schmidt to step down.

Quiz: You Don't Know Jack about Apple – or Do You?

So you think you know Apple? Here are 10 trivia questions to prove it.

CES Quintuples Apple's Presence for 2010

Apple's iLounge area at CES 2010 will be five times larger than initially anticipated.

New iPhone Design: Same as It Ever Was

Analysis: Images in the iPhone SDK indicate the "iPhone 2.1" will look much the same as the current model.

Next-Gen iPhone Specs Leaked?

Forum poster on a Chinese Web site published what appears to be the specs for Apple's next iPhone.

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The Apple IPod Museum: 17 Models Past and Present

Taking a trip down Memory Lane, we stroll past all 17 incarnations of Apple's game-changing iPod.

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Apple TV Sales Triple

Bolstered by a big sales increase, Apple's happy little hobby keeps plugging along.

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