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Could Traffic Throttling Hinder Comcast Wideband?

Comcast 'wideband' reaches the San Francisco area, but the company's history makes me nervous about signing up.

Does Microsoft's Kumo Herald an Era of Visual Search?

Microsoft's Kumo search engine may see beyond the textual world to let you search images more effectively.

Why the Vista-Capable Case Doesn't Matter

Even if Microsoft loses the Vista-capable case, customers likely won't benefit.

Will Windows Server Foundation Edition Raise the Bar For Affordable Servers?

Microsoft has released precious few details about its new low-cost Windows Server edition. What can we expect at that price point?

Connect Two or More PCs--Anywhere, Anytime

Want to hook up multiple computers even when you're not on a network? In a pinch, you can create an ad-hoc network to transfer files or share an Internet connection.

Block Quake Live to Boost Office Productivity

Free shooter Quake Live plays in a browser; keep this web app off work PCs.

Useless iPhone Software and Customer Habits Tied Together

iPhone app customer patterns prevent development of quality software.

Facebook Owns Your Business Data

Facebook's next ad could feature your company's intellectual property.

1234567890. Happy Unix Time Event!

Unix time celebrates its 1234567890th second. Were you invited to the party?


Find Yourself on Google Latitude Without GPS (or a Phone)

With just a Wi-Fi network, your laptop can sense its location in Google Latitude and Google Maps.

With 20,000 Apps, iPhone is Ready for Business

Apple's iPhone App Store has topped 20,000 programs, turning the iPhone into a business-ready tool.

Don't Wait for My Phone: Google Sync and Others Are Here Now

Someday, Microsoft's My Phone service will sync data between your PC and phone, but you can use Google Sync and other alternatives today.

6 Reasons You'll Want a Kindle 2 for Business

Amazon's Kindle 2 eBook reader is an essential business tool as much as a travel toy.

Set Up a Free Business Server With Ubuntu

On a tight budget? You can easily create your own free file server by installing Ubuntu Linux on a machine you already own.

iPhone PowerPoint Remotes Give Perfect Presentations

Control PowerPoint from your iPhone, with previews of the current slide, notes, and more.