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Microsoft Insults Customers With Six Editions of Win 7

Microsoft should copy one more thing from Apple--a sensible OS line-up.


Get Started With a Small-Business Server

Consider using a small-business server to manage tasks across all of your company's PCs.

Get Organized with a Business Card Scanner

Petite scanners save time with automated contact entry.

Mac OS X Elbowing its Way Into Business

At nearly 10 percent market share, Apple's shiny OS could be finding business-oriented fans.


Skip Pictures to Speed Slow Websites

Your Internet connections might be speedy at your office and home locations, but what about in-between? When visiting websites, you could waste lots of time waiting for images to download. Here's how to disable images in Firefox and Internet Explorer so text-only pages quickly appear.

Prevent Onlookers from Seeing Mobile Secrets

Screen overlays reduce the viewing angle so only you see private data.

Encrypt USB Flash Disks for Free

Keep your information safe even if you lose your USB thumb drive.

Enable BIOS Passwords for Extra Security

Lock access to your system's BIOS settings, boot sequence, and even hard drive.

Retrieve and Send E-Mail while Driving

Phone-based tools read and send e-mail messages using just your voice, keeping hands free.

Schedule your PC's Startup and Program Launch

Set favorite applications to launch at boot-up, and configure your PC to turn on or wake up in the morning.

Connect to Customers with Twitter

Use online networking to reach and grow your audience

Send To: Immediately Process Desktop Files

Customize this right-click menu to sling files to your preset locations.

Add Custom Search Engines to IE and Firefox

Instantly search IMDB, Amazon, and more, directly from the browser's search bar.

Collaborate Online with Fuze Meeting Service

Software-free discussion tool shares files and media, letting online participants add annotations.

Is iWork '09 an Office Competitor?

Initial thoughts on Apple's productivity software versus Microsoft Office.