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Speed Up PC Control With Gestures

Automatically turn special mouse movements into PC commands with gesture-reading software.

Boost Search Speed and Improve Results

Use advanced, hidden Google search terms to improve hits. Plus track packages, look up words, convert units, and activate other tricks.

Use Key Commands to Speed Up Basic Tasks

Instead of constantly reaching for menu commands, blaze through Windows with keyboard taps.

Focus on Work: Keep Outlook from Triggering New Mail Alerts

Avoid distractions by telling Outlook to keep quiet for all--or most--incoming messages.

Pick Simple Upgrades to Boost Your PC Performance

These hardware upgrades conserve costs while still making your PCs run better.

Control a Remote PC with Ease for Free

Among several free (and paid) options, LogMeIn remotely drives a network PC with little hassle.

Use Rules to Automatically Organize Email

Sort incoming messages into folders to get a jump on organization and replies.

Automatically Track Your Company and Competitors with RSS

Use RSS alerts so that industry news gets pushed directly to you.

Give Would-Be Finders an Incentive to Return Your Lost Smartphone

Set a locked iPhone or BlackBerry to give return details so it can be reclaimed.

Log In and Configure a Router

Use your default router settings to gain access before configuring a network.

Access Registration-Required Sites Without Giving Up Contact Info

Install a Firefox BugMeNot extension to log into sites without registration.

Know When to Compress Email Attachments to Save Time

Most often, email file compression isn't worth the effort. Decide when to take that step and when to avoid it.

Securely Access E-Mail In Various Clients

SSL/TLS protects your e-mail connection even if your data is intercepted.

Restrict Wireless Access

Keep unknown clients off your network with these basics.

Make Office 2007 More Compatible

Change default file formats so that alternate office software and operating systems can still open your work.