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Logins Are Half Your Access

Passwords are only part of security; use unique logins for the full package.

Email On the Road Even When Blocked By the Locals

If a temporary hotspot or ISP blocks your outgoing mail, send with the local mail server.


Maintain Online Tool Stability

Reduce crashes and lost work when using online apps.

Manage Windows User Passwords

Create a USB thumb drive to reset a forgotten user password.


Send cheap text messages from Outlook and free ones from AIM

Speed Up Wireless Access

These tricks can boost your local wireless network speeds.

Send and View Plain Email

Fancy formatting can look ugly on certain clients or get trapped in spam filters.

Use Email Lists to Reach Clients and Employees

Set up a personal mailing list in Outlook, or create a list on a mail-server for group communication.

Forward Mail to a New Employee

Be sure messages sent to former workers get read by current staff.

Block Ports to Restrict Online Access

Use router settings to keep employees honest.

Buy a Shredder Big Enough for Small Business

Don't save money if it will cost time.

Set a Smartphone Password

If you lose your device, at least the data stays locked.

Put an End to Cell Phone Spam

Stop spammers from hassling you by keeping unwanted text messages, e-mail, and voice calls from reaching your mobile phone.


Upgrade Your Xbox 360's Hard Drive on the Cheap

Save $150 by upgrading your 20GB Xbox 360 hard drive to 120GB without buying Microsoft's overpriced add-on.

5 Easy Hacks for Your PC and Wi-Fi Network

Speed up your CPU and graphics card, add advanced features to your wireless router, boost your network's range, and tweak your PC's power consumption for extra efficiency.