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Type Less to Save Time

Use shorthand to cut corners in Office, expanding a few letters into words or phrases automatically.

Know Your Software to Make the Most of Your Time

Online video tutorials from can pay you back by boosting employee efficiency.

Don't Wait for Office 2010--Get Free Online Productivity Apps Now

Microsoft Office 2010 will include browser-based apps, but you can tap into Zoho's suite today.

Online Business Server Saves With Monthly Billing

Instead of buying into a full Exchange Server system, InfoStreet's hosted alternatives give similar functionality with a monthly fee.

iTunes Folder Watch

Automatically populate your iTunes library with this freebie.

Online Contract Workers Can Help Any Business Save

8KMiles connects businesses with its global network of workers, saving money over employee costs.

Save Money with Per-Minute Cloud-Computing Billing

CloudLayer per-minute billing can avoid waste if you only need cloud services on occasion.

Be Everywhere At Once With Remote Access Software

Techinline lets you troubleshoot remote PCs, trimming the cost of just walking down a hall to flying across the country.

Platformic Site-Creation Tool Streamlines and Saves

Online website creator helps build complicated sites through modular steps, saving development costs.

Save Time By Scanning Paper Documents

Digitize physical files to save space and retrieve them with quick searches. You can even outsource the scanning process.

TeamViewer Saves Travel Costs Through Online Collaboration

Remote access-style software lets you participate in presentations without jet-setting costs.

Stop Wasting Money With Needless Printing

Print Job Manager tracks and polices office printing, culminating in potentially big savings over time.

MSI GT 725 Desktop Replacement Laptop

A notebook with good gaming performance gets tripped up by some missteps with the monitor and a klutzy keyboard.

Make Remote Backups On the Cheap

Trade bandwidth with a friend or business so they host your backup and you host theirs.

Be an Expert, and Customers Will Find You

Write articles that relate to your business for trade magazines or websites to turn that established readership into potential clients.