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Get Employees Free Discounts at Other Businesses

Regardless of your size, take advantage of corporate discounts for an employee perk and to market your own business.


Free Trademark Searches Get Business Started

Make a preliminary trademark search for free without any hourly attorney fees or overflowing forms.

Wolfram Alpha Research Secrets

Wolfram Alpha isn't your average search engine. These simple tips will help you put it to work for your online research.

Save Money While Controlling Multiple PCs

Depending on your needs, you can use fewer displays, input devices, or even PC systems, and still get the benefit of multiple computers.

Free Help Desk Software Manages Tech Needs

With several free packages available, don't need to pay for robust help desk software.

Check Out On Hotel Wi-Fi Fees

A simple Wi-Fi finder utility can sniff out open networks for a free alternative to hotel Internet fees.

Decide When to Spend and Save on Business Travel

Plan your local leg of business travel so that you can save money once your plane touches down.

Keep Laptops and Phones Powered for Productive Travel

When your gadgets conk out, you're paying for it. Follow these tips to keep them charged.

Free Adobe Online Tools Create Documents and Presentations

Adobe's online apps store and create text documents, presentations, and other files from any 'net-connected computer.

Add System-Wide PDF Creation for Free

PDFCreator acts as a printer, letting you export PDF files within your applications.


Chart Expenses to Find Ways to Save

Scrutinize every last business cost to chip away at expenses.

Save Energy, Save Money

Keep your office hardware, desktop PCs, and laptop batteries running as efficiently as possible to cut ongoing energy costs.

Get Free Office Gear and Employee Perks

Tap into the free veins of the Internet to land free tables, magazine subscriptions, ice cream, and much more.

Get Free Business Advice

Many free, online resources can help you build a business, establish loans, and keep it running in the long term.

Reduce Ongoing Expenses Just By Asking

Scrutinize and renegotiate all of your contracts, from phone service to the office lease.