security cam selfie

NEC launches facial recognition technology to identify Hong Kong shoppers

NEC has launched a new Mobile Facial Recognition Appliance that recognises the face of each and every customer as soon as they set foot on the premises.

Welcome to the era of the personal cloud: Alcatel-Lucent

Three minutes with Michel Emelianoff, executive vice president of Alcatel-Lucent and president of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, on the personal computer era shifting into the "Personal Cloud Era" with the surprising new entrant, the tablet.

amazon rainforest

How Internet devices are working to save the rainforest

The "Internet of things" involves connecting devices that can manage various operations including, in this case, protecting the rainforests from illegal monitoring.

RIM Cuts Prices in India to Preserve Market

Struggling after earnings fall short and competition heightens, Rim makes an aggressive move to boost sales in the world's second-biggest mobile phone market.

LinkedIn Eyes Growth in Asia Pacific in 2012

Professional social networking company LinkedIn started its Singapore office about 7 months ago and is set to double its staff there next year.

Global Phone Sales Keep Climbing

The mobile market is maturing rapidly and may soon level out, say Ovum analysts.


Astronaut Will Tweet from Space

Twitter goes into orbit this week with a NASA astronaut who will tweet from the space station.

Asia-Pacific Expected to Boost Tech Spending

Gartner analysts say Asia Pacific vertical market tech spending will grow slowly in 2009.

PC Sales Slow in Asia Pacific

The region posted its slowest PC sales growth since Gartner analysts started tracking its trends.

Malware is Getting Smarter, CA Warns

Volume and sophistication of online attacks are increasing, CA researchers say.

Virtual Worlds: Dangerous Turf?

The potential of virtual worlds, social nets, and even real-time mapping will stall until they are more secure, Gartner warns.


Some 'Cyberloafing' is OK, Study Says

Employees say non-work-related surfing makes them more efficient.

Asia-Pacific Leads in Broadband

The region has a 39 percent share of the world's broadband use, and subscriber numbers have nearly quadrupled in 5 years.

iPhone Ad Crackdown Should Warn Other Vendors

Apple got busted in Britain for its 'misleading' ads, but other mobile marketers are also guilty, analyst says.

China, India to Lead in Broadband Connections

The fastest growth in broadband is in Asia, which will soon overtake Europe for the most connections, analysts say.