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Zohra Ashpari is a freelance contributor to TechHive and PCWorld. A native Californian and now New Yorker, she enjoys writing on indie games and on visual arts-related tech topics.

Visions of the retro-future

Thinkers from all over the world and from different time periods had visions of the year 2000. Here is a glimpse of their dreams varying from the recognizable to the quirky—some have yet to pass, while others have made their way into the present, in one form or another.

Chinese Zodiac Windows 7 Theme Is Appropriate All Year Long--Every Year

This free Windows 7 theme brings you face-to-face with the animals of the Chinese zodiac.

Immerse Yourself In the Beautiful, Quirky World of Botanicula With This Windows 7 Theme

This Windows 7 themepack brings you the eclectic spaces and inhabitants of Amanita Design's Botanicula.

Step Into a Magnificent Microcosmos in Botanicula Game

Give Amanita Design’s newest point-and-click game a whirl--this colorful and surreal world won’t disappoint.

Why Is Instagram So Popular?

Seeing a lot of dingy, scratched-up photos in your social-network feeds? You can blame the Instagram app. We explore the trend, as well as the attraction--for both iOS and Android users.


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